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White Genocide 2.0 Coming Up?

A New Black-Jewish Partnership Is Beginning to Emerge at Firms

Jeh Johnson, one of the few black partners at a major New York law firm, never thought much about black-Jewish relations before he began his climb up the career ladder. But soon after law school, he started working at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind Wharton & Garrison, where he was mentored by two well-known lawyers, Arthur Liman and Morris Abram, who were both Jewish. Four years ago, he became the firm's sole black partner. Today, his three biggest clients are companies managed by Jews.
"It's more than coincidence," says Mr. Johnson, 40 years old. "In a predominantly white professional environment, it seems constantly the case that blacks and Jews find more in common. If you blaze the trail yourself, you are going to be more courageous in bringing someone else along."
Mr. Abram, 79, agrees. "We had a lot in common," he says of Mr. Johnson. "There was a sharing that I didn't feel with some of my other partners. I guess I saw part of myself in him."
Make a list of the top blacks at corporations and in law firms, and a striking pattern emerges: Despite all the noise about tensions between blacks and Jews, many black and Jewish executives have forged extraordinarily close partnerships. Indeed, at the top levels of American business, a number of Jewish CEOs have named a highly talented black as an heir apparent or top executive.
At American Express Co., Kenneth Chenault, 46, expected to be the next CEO, has been mentored by Harvey Golub, 59, the company's Jewish chairman and CEO. At Time WarnerInc., Richard Parsons, 50, is president under Gerald Levin, 58. At Travelers Group Inc.,Thomas Jones, 48, is a vice chairman under Sanford Weill, 65.
'A Lot of Bruises'
Just last week, Barry Sternlicht, 37, head of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc. and part of a new generation of Jewish corporate leaders, named his friend and Harvard Business School classmate, Richard Nanula, as CEO of the $10 billion company. Mr. Nanula, who is black, is coming over to Phoenix-based Starwood from Walt Disney Co.where he was chief financial officer under a Jewish CEO, Michael Eisner.
"The Jews who scrapped their way to the top have a lot of bruises and calluses," says Gershon Kekst, a New York publicist who is close to Mr. Levin and Mr. Weill. "They look for people with whom they can feel some sort of compatibility, a shared vocabulary."
The blacks who are making it to the top are seasoned executives with excellent corporate track records. And, of course, blacks get promoted by gentiles as well as Jews. In his early career, Mr. Parsons served as an aide to Nelson Rockefeller. Mr. Chenault began his rise at American Express under James Robinson. Mr. Jones received his big break when a black executive, Clifton Wharton, brought him to New York to help run the pension fund TIAACREF. And while Franklin Raines, the newly appointed head of Fannie Mae, has worked with Jews, his major patrons have been Democratic politicians such as Bill Clinton and Al Gore.
Close Relations
Moreover, not all Jewish executives have brought along blacks in their organizations. And some partnerships, like many business relationships, don't work out. In 1994, the Jewish owners of Ben & Jerry's , known for their devotion to liberal causes, hired Robert Holland as the company's first black CEO. Mr. Holland resigned two years later. "I had put through some important and difficult changes," he says. "But I wasn't going to spend another five years there. I thought someone else could do better."
But the closeness between some high-ranking blacks and Jews in big business is striking, especially given the deterioration in black-Jewish relations over the past 20 years. In the early 1960s, Jews were major contributors to civil-rights groups. In 1964, three-quarters of the whites who went to Mississippi to help register blacks to vote were Jews -- including Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, who were murdered alongside their black colleague James Chaney by the Ku Klux Klan.
But in the years that followed, the black-Jewish alliance began to fray. Blacks and Jews were at loggerheads over issues ranging from affirmative action to the presidential candidacy of Jesse Jackson. Louis Farrakhan inflamed tensions with his anti-Semitic statements. Israel's ties with apartheid-era South Africa angered many blacks. In 1991, blacks rioted in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., after a car carrying a Hasidic rabbi struck and killed a black boy.
Still, these high-level corporate ties suggest that, out of the public eye, some blacks and Jews are finding common ground in the boardroom and aboard the company jet. Most top black and Jewish business executives consider the issue sensitive and declined requests for interviews, saying through spokesmen that merit, not race or ethnicity, determines their business relationships. But another, more subtle factor seems to be at work: Blacks and Jews have come together by the common experience of being outsiders.
"Many of the Jews in their 50s and 60s who were the first to break through the corporate barriers are mentoring African-Americans in their 40s who are breaking barriers," says David Thomas, a professor at Harvard Business School, who studies the rise of black executives.
Messrs. Golub, Levin and Weill "understand what it is like to struggle, to be the first in their generation to make it," says Eli Evans, an author and head of the Charles H. Revson Foundation, who knows many of the black and Jewish business leaders. "These black and Jewish executives understand what it's like to be outsiders on the inside."
Consider Mr. Golub and Mr. Chenault. Mr. Golub is the grandson of immigrants who grew up in Brooklyn. Three of his father's businesses failed. Mr. Golub flunked out of Cornell University before earning a bachelor's degree from New York University. He joined American Express in 1984 as president of its IDS Financial Services subsidiary, becoming president in 1991. Often abrasive, he was an outsider, determined to shake up a stodgy culture. At one point, a colleague urged Mr. Golub to turn down the IDS job because he and his wife wouldn't feel comfortable moving from New York to largely Protestant Minnesota, where IDS is based.
Mr. Golub, a board member of Dow Jones & Co., which publishes this newspaper, declined to be interviewed. A spokesman says he doesn't feel his religion played a role in his selection. But the spokesman acknowledges "there was a white-shoe tradition at American Express going back to the 1940s and 1950s of a company populated by traditional WASPs. They looked at Harvey as someone who didn't grow up in the company, wasn't the scion of a prominent Atlanta family," as was his predecessor, Mr. Robinson.
The Self-Made Guys
"Harvey is a self-made guy, and part of being a self-made guy when you're Jewish is that you never forget that you're Jewish. In certain environments, being Jewish is not an asset. It's something you have to overcome," says Kenneth Bialkin, a lawyer in New York who has known Mr. Golub for years and has done legal work for American Express.
Soon after being named chairman of American Express in 1993, Mr. Golub set up a series of diversity seminars, noting special problems faced by blacks in corporations: "If you're black, it is a central fact in your life," he said at the time. "You wake up in the morning, and you know you're black. By the time you get to work, you've been reminded two or three times that you're black. For us as white men, that is not the No. 1 thing that we would think about ourselves."
Mr. Chenault is, in many ways, Mr. Golub's opposite: polished where Mr. Golub is rough; a consensus-builder where Mr. Golub is curt; a Democrat who socialized with Jesse Jackson where Mr. Golub is a Republican who gave money to conservative Sen. Phil Gramm.
Mr. Chenault also grew up in better social circumstances than Mr. Golub. The son of a dentist, Mr. Chenault attended private school in the Long Island, N.Y., suburbs, then went on to Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, and Harvard Law School. He joined American Express at 29 and moved up rapidly.
He is also an outsider credited with attracting and promoting minorities in the company. And he is comfortable working with Jews. Mr. Chenault is a supporter of the New York-based Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, which promotes black-Jewish relations, according to Rabbi Marc Schneier, head of the group.
"Ken has a rare ability to make people of all ilks feel comfortable with him -- whether it's Jewish people from Brooklyn or aristocratic WASPs from Atlanta," says a former American Express official who knows both Mr. Chenault and Mr. Golub well. "Ken is one of the most sophisticated sizer-uppers of situations from all angles, whether it be sizing up someone's ethnicity, background, their biases or their interests."
Last year, Mr. Golub named Mr. Chenault the company's president and his most likely successor. Mr. Chenault's ability to turn around the troubled card division, his ferocious work ethic and considerable people skills were key to his rise. And if part of mentoring is seeing yourself in your protege, some suggest that Mr. Golub sees something of himself in Mr. Chenault.
"People usually mentor people who look like them," says Mr. Thomas, the Harvard professor. "In this case, there are things that aren't visible to the naked eye. Harvey and Ken share an identification. They share a psychic space."
Sending a Message
"Harvey is very aware of the message he is sending," says Maceo Sloan, a black money manager who has known both men for a dozen years. "It's a message that says, 'Let's base things on competence and performance and get away from skin color.' Harvey ... and other Jews are old enough to remember what it used to be like 50 years ago when you had signs on Miami Beach that said, 'No Jews or Dogs Allowed.' "
Some of Mr. Golub's motives are more basic, those who know him say. Mr. Golub came to power after the board of directors forced out his predecessor, so Mr. Chenault's loyalty counts for a great deal. "Ken would never go to board members and do anything untoward," says Mitch Kurz, vice chairman of Young & Rubicam Inc., who knows both men.
Like other Jewish CEOs, Time Warner's Mr. Levin began as an outsider, subject to the slights and barriers of discrimination. In the 1940s, his father, a successful grocer, tried to move his family to a better neighborhood near Philadelphia's Main Line. They were turned away from buying a house because of their religion, he has told interviewers.
Politically, Mr. Levin is more liberal than Mr. Golub. He grew up in a Reform Jewish home, where religion was mixed with a strong bent toward social justice; he then attended Haverford College, a college founded by Quakers near Philadelphia. Mr. Levin's son Jonathan, before his murder last year, taught poor black children at a high school in the Bronx; another son is studying to be a rabbi. Under pressure to identify a No. 2, Mr. Levin in 1994 named Mr. Parsons, a prominent New York lawyer and bank president who was on the Time Warner board.
"I think Jerry gets an enormous amount of satisfaction from having Dick Parsons there," says a friend who has known Mr. Levin for 20 years. "He likes telling the rest of the organization, 'You learn to relate to him. This is the new reality.' These guys believe the country can be different and they like being the people who make it different."
Many of the black executives working with Jews share traits, too. Like Mr. Chenault, they often grew up in homes with more social status than their mentors. Travelers' Mr. Jones grew up in a middle-class Queens, N.Y., neighborhood; his father was a minister and a chemist. As for Mr. Johnson, the lawyer, his father was an architect. The blacks also often attended school with Jews.
Southern Roots
Mr. Johnson says he remembers Jews who befriended his family when, in the 1960s, they moved to a predominantly white community in upstate New York. "When I would play with the Jewish kids, I would never hear their parents say, 'Don't play with that black boy,' " Mr. Johnson recalls. "I heard that a lot from other white families."
Mr. Johnson's family ties with Jews, it turns out, go back several generations. He recently discovered that when he was born, a family Bible was given to his grandfather, president of historically black Fisk University, by the head of the Jewish Theological Seminary. The two men had been friends.
It was Mr. Johnson's ties to historically black colleges that attracted Mr. Abram's interest when Mr. Johnson arrived at the Paul Weiss law firm as an associate. Mr. Abram, the son of immigrants, grew up in a small Georgia town that had only 10 Jewish families. He worked for a time as Martin Luther King Jr.'s lawyer, becoming a trustee of Morehouse College and chairing the United Negro College Fund for nine years. Moving more to the right, Mr. Abram came out against affirmative action and served as vice-chair of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission under President Reagan. He says he saw in Mr. Johnson confirmation of his view that while it is critical to guarantee equality for blacks, they don't need affirmative action to succeed.
"Jeh was a person of great quality who could make it on his own," says Mr. Abram.
Though Mr. Johnson disagrees with Mr. Abram about affirmative action, he was drawn to the older lawyer. "I thought, 'Here was a guy who had been a Jew in the South.' That must have been interesting. And he was a civil-rights lawyer." The two became close. "He was like an uncle," says Mr. Johnson.
By the 1990s, Paul Weiss still didn't have a black partner. Mr. Johnson says his other mentor, Mr. Liman, made it clear that he wanted to make Mr. Johnson the firm's first black partner. He advised him on his career and introduced him to important clients. "Arthur would build me up to clients to the point that when they met me, they didn't care what race I was," says Mr. Johnson. In 1994, Mr. Johnson became a partner.
When Mr. Liman died last year, Mr. Johnson went to his shiva, the mourning period observed by Jews. He ran into a prominent Jewish client of Mr. Liman's.
"Arthur told me about you," Mr. Johnson recalls the businessman saying. "I'm going to give you a call."
The man is now Mr. Johnson's client.

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RamZPaul (z for Zion), aka "Kosher Neanderthal", Strikes Again

Cartman Names the Jew

Great Nazi Printer Hack of 2016

Bogus candidates for deluded people

The truly important issues
are never even addressed!


By John Kaminski

Most of you know, but you pretend you don’t. The government is not on your side. It never has been. And the way things are set up, it never will be.

Especially when nearly everyone is too cowardly to talk about the most important issue, that is, to name the Jew as the cause of this slow motion train wreck now destroying the United States of America.

The government’s animosity toward the population has degenerated to the point where it can set up an ambush on a snowy Oregon highway with the intent to murder an unarmed patriot who was only trying to defend Constitutional principles and protest the theft of a farmer’s land by a corrupt government agency, and then have the killing ruled justifiable by a reckless judge wired into the criminal cabal in Washington trying to conceal a Presidential candidate’s diabolical maneuver to illegally sell U.S. uranium deposits to the Russians.

Of course, this kind of perfidy is nothing new. It has always been the basic modus operandi of American history. 

Ordinary people have been judged guilty before they could be charged since before the first Kennedy assassination; some say the people were declared permanently guilty in the federal bankruptcy of 1933 when the government used them as collateral to sell America to the International Monetary Fund. 

Others insist it happened long before that, when Lincoln cashed in the Constitution in order to enforce the ripoff of the Confederacy; and still others insist the people have never been in control of their U.S. government, not even on that day Patrick Henry refused to go to Philadelphia because he felt the Constitution was a fraud.

In any case, we surely are not in control of our government today — of this there is no doubt. All that money we send to slick talking candidates who promise to defend our interests is now and always has been for nothing. Only the rich who can bribe with millions control the politicians, making all the irrelevant rhetoric of our deeply flawed presidential candidates all the more preposterous as it assails our ears from the pursed lips of our prostituted media pundits.

The so-called hero of the current presidential campaign has galvanized people desperate for a relevant hero into believing construction of a giant wall on the Mexican border somehow is the answer to all things that besiege us in this watershed election year of 2016.

However, it has been my observation in every presidential election year that all the major candidates are prescreened by the bankers and guaranteed not to reveal the major secrets that enslave society. This is compounded by an equally obvious fact that the major obstacle to peace and tranquility are the candidates themselves who are chosen by and beholden to the bankers, and their corrupt efforts come at the expense of the American people.

Let me be clear about this — the major threat to the American people are the candidates themselves and the corrupt government they presume to represent. Which of course makes our corrupt elections certain exercises in futility. This has gone on so long the American people have come to believe this situation — pre-elected Jewish favored candidates compounded by computerized fixed elections — is normal and healthy.

Worst of all in all the presidential elections is that the real issues are never — and I mean absolutely never — discussed.

Billionaire casino mogul Donald Trump has captivated the masses by seizing on the unease expressed by longtime Americans who see runaway immigration gobbling up jobs, destabilizing communities and overstressing law enforcement and medical systems.

Perhaps most shocking is that all his opponents and all of the major mainstream media accuse Trump of betraying their corrupt American system — the one that exports wars around the world and funnels its jobs to Third World countries to maximize the profits of the rich and pauperize the lives of its honest taxpayers — to the point where assassination is recommended for the one candidate who seems somewhat interested in the welfare of ordinary people.

Simply on the basis the opposition emanating by proven criminals Trump seems an easy choice for any conscientious voter with a passing knowledge of America’s criminal history in the 20th century.

But despite his pinpointing of the epidemic immigration of destitute Third World criminals as an issue critical to America’s survival, even Trump won’t go near the truly profound issues facing the American people, which are:

1. A proper investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of the 9/11 debacle, which were not Arab hijackers but Jewish American billionaires, who control the White House, the Congress, the banking establishment and all the other major professions in the country.

This probe would also result in the dismantling of the Department of Homeland Security, which under the aegis of criminal Attorneys General and corrupt judges, has allowed widespread criminality by the government itself under Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, and jailed millions of innocent people who have committed no substantive crimes.

2. This false flag deceit has led to the expense of trillions of dollars fighting irrelevant wars against innocent countries for the purpose of stealing their resources and killing those who oppose Jewish worldwide financial hegemony, resulting in the pauperization of the American people and funneling of trillions to Israel and their outlaw minions throughout the world.

It was bad enough when the government invented Al-Qaeda as an all-purpose enemy that could be blamed for 9/11 yet used an ally against Serbia and Libya, but the funding of ISIS by the U.S. and then sending U.S. troops to fight them represents an all-time low in the integrity of the American government as well as an all-time low in the gullibility of the American people.

When a government funds its own enemies, no one is safe.

3. One area presidential candidates have absolutely refused to discuss has been the approval of poisoned food manufactured by producers of poison chemicals and the failure to identify poison medicines which have already ravaged younger generations with autism and other maladies, giving rise to certain identification of an evil policy of white genocide and population reduction in order to further consolidate vicious, conscienceless Jewish control of the world.

Certainly no candidate has dared discuss this epidemic of murders of conscientious doctors who have discovered the presence of cancer-causing agents in government approved vaccines, or the vaccines given to girls that prevent their ability to have normal children when they grow up. <>

4. The government has put a total clampdown on information pertaining to the pollution of the atmosphere. While officials prattle on about carbon taxes, no candidate dares to address the longterm effect of the Fukushima disaster or the overstressed situation of U.S. nuclear plants, 75 percent of which have been found to be leaking <>.

Leaking nuke plants contribute to rising cancer rates, which is great for the cancer industry and Big Pharma criminals <>.

5. Jewish control of the world is already markedly identifiable by the cynical changes in college curricula that emphasize the practice of social perversions over the mastery of classical sciences. Taken down to the earlier levels of education, the institution of dumbed down courses, easier grading, and massive levels of student loan debt guarantees a future populations of unequipped, financially strapped morons unable to fend for themselves except by depending on their government welfare checks under the condition of not objecting to totalitarian, regressive and destructive government programs.

6. While candidates continue to rage on about the moral failings of their opponents, none are seriously discussing the condition of America’s money supply, which is the No. 1 issue on the minds of the American people. 

Only Ellen Brown, that we know of, and her plan to finance a series of public state banks, seems willing to advance a sensible proposal, but since the corrupt powers that be are dependent on the widespread graft that keeps them in business, no presidential candidate is likely to ever discuss this issue, as long as the wholly Jewish owned, foreign controlled, Federal Reserve system remains in control of America’s money supply, charging us daily for the use of our own money and forcing America deeper and deeper down the sewer of Jewish perfidy. <>

In the meantime, media reports remind us that when it comes time to attempt to balance the books on America’s Jewish-fouled finances, debts relating to derivatives must by law be paid off first, leaving nothing for the people and businesses who are about to have their bank accounts stolen by the Jews who control America and the world.

Current candidates for president don’t talk about any of these realistically pressing issues, and the retarded mainstream media nor most retarded mainstream Americans don’t press them on it.

You can’t expect pathological criminals to give themselves up, can you?

So it really doesn’t matter who you vote for. All these candidates are devoted to supporting the criminal Jewish status quo, to continue the wars for Israel and the pillaging of the emaciated carcass of the moribund American republic.

Until this practice is stopped cold — and widely discussed by America’s erstwhile politicians — neither you nor America has a legitimate future in which freedom and liberty may be practiced, and the world’s problems may be freely and legitimately discussed.

On this basis every elected government official now serving should be assailed and attacked unmercifully for their complicity in treason and the willful destruction of both the United States of America and the world as we know it.

No exceptions. Any politician unwilling to telling the truth about 9/11 should be taken out and beaten to a pulp, or worse. The time for petitions and/or civil discourse is long past. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, the criminal perpetrators of all these crimes against humanity are well known, and any delay in exacting justice against these pathological villains can only be judged an unforgivable sin.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

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Tenacious brothers battle immigration epidemic and Holocaust hoax

Their motto: Exercise the 
courage of your convictions

By John Kaminski

I know a lot of keyboard warriors. Heck, I'm one myself, trying to convince people of the dangers we face without actually confronting them in the real world. Though my advice might be authentic, my actions are not, because I'm not out there in public battling the tyrants and swindlers who are busy ripping us off and killing those who oppose them.

Am I afraid of suffering the harsh penalties incurred by so many who have challenged the powers that be? You bet I am. Do I know the day will come when I will be forced into open warfare with the people who run our country and have turned it into a giant prison system? Absolutely I do. It could happen any day now. And each day this unpleasant but vital task inevitably draws closer.

Though I am definitely a member of an exclusive club that has tried for decades to alert my fellow citizens to the lethal danger we face living in a society governed by ruthless Jew bankers who have no real point to their lives other than stealing from others and murdering those who stand in their way, my admiration really goes out to my compatriots who step out from behind their keyboards and wade out into the public chaos to defend the courage of their convictions and expose the constant and profound crimes that are being perpetrated by our owners against ordinary people who don't ever quite seem to grasp the danger of their own predicament and how near they are to losing everything, including their own lives.

I've observed Jim Rizoli stepping out into the public spotlight for ten years now, first as a courageous protester of this strange and mysterious epidemic of foreign born illegal aliens being inserted into towns all across America, seriously diminishing the lives of native-born Americans who have worked all their lives for their modest piece of the pie. They have been constantly betrayed by their own leaders.

Some might consider what Rizoli is doing as tilting at windmills, but others of a more intelligent nature realize he is a 21st century patriot running at top speed to try and prevent the descent of the United States into a thoughtless prison camp dominated by aliens from the Third World and the Warsaw ghetto.

This surreptitious sabotage of American culture has grown to epidemic proportions with a deliberate but secret program of importing Third World aliens into the U.S. that has wracked big cities and small towns with ungrateful non-English speaking migrants who overload social systems and steal jobs from unemployed locals who need them.

And more lately, Rizoli has become the chronicler of one of the great hoaxes of the 20th century, a lucrative scam that has persisted into the 21st century as disingenuous Jews continue to swindle governments around the world with their heinous heist known as Holocaust reparations.

He has done this by undertaking a series of YouTube videos aptly titled the League of Extraordinary Revisionists, introducing to the public those heroic truth tellers who have been savaged by the poisoned mainstream media yet have persevered to correct the damaging Jewish lies that not only caused the destruction of Germany back in World War II, but are now wrecking America and Europe with their Jewcentric political correctness that encourages perversion, anarchy and dependence on government to destroy a thousands of years old family structure that has been the bulwark of civilization and now teeters on the brink of ruin.

"The Holocaust is like a wheel with spokes that extend out from the center and poison all areas of human activity," Rizoli likes to say. 

He, like so many of us, has seen far too much of it. But he, like so few of us, has been slugging away at the corrupt basis of it for more than a decade, going nose to nose with the Jews who control the political cobwebs of every town in America.

Oddly, it was his resistance to the sudden appearance of hundreds of Brazilian immigrants in his hometown of Framingham, Mass. that eventually led him to correlate this social disease to Jewish power and more specifically to the lies that have been told about the Holocaust.

"It all goes back to immigration," Jim says. "My brother Joe got into it first." Joe still writes commentaries and passes on links to his brother, but it is Jim, accompanied by his new sidekick Diane King, who are constantly updating a remarkably thorough website ( — note the extra "i", standing for Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement) that contains both the story of their immigration battles with the corrupt town fathers as well as a unique and thorough set of files about the Jewish manipulation of reality.

"We held a meeting at the library, and right off the bat they jumped on us," Jim explained. "They pegged us as racists and wouldn't let us even talk about it.

"It made us more determined to go at it."

It was the Rizolis' stand against the barrage of immigrants overwhelming Framingham that initially got them in trouble with their community, repeatedly banned from their local cable TV channel, and on the Jewish Anti Defamation League's target list as Holocaust denying anti-Semites. Its description of the Rizolis' activities is absolutely heroic. <,db7611a2-02cd-43af-8147-649e26813571,frameless.html>

  • During an October 2009 segment of his public access television show, which was aired during a primetime slot, Jim delivered a lengthy diatribe promoting Holocaust denial. He defended Holocaust denier and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, instructed viewers to conduct their own research on the Holocaust to discover the "truth," and directed people to visit Web sites that advance Holocaust denial.

  • Jim Rizoli has attempted to defend his statements about the Holocaust to the Boston Globe, which reported in November 2009 that he "believes…only around 300,000 people died, not six million, and that the majority were not killed but 'died of sickness and disease.'"

  • During the same segment of his public access television show, Jim Rizoli alleged the existence of a "Zionist controlled government," implying that Jews manipulate national and global institutions.

  • Rizoli also claimed during the show that "a lot of the Jewish people are not going to be happy to hear this [referring to his recommendation to view videos that advance Holocaust denial] because this whole thing all stems upon Judaism [sic] and what happened with them." This is an anti-Semitic implication that Jews fabricate the Holocaust to advance their own agenda.

  • Joe Rizoli has questioned the severity of the Holocaust on the Jews. During an interview with the MetroWest Daily News in February 2004, he argued, "What happened to the Jews was atrocious, but you know what? Nine million people in Germany died in Dresden and related incidents. They say 13 to 20 million people died in Russia." Rizoli went on to question, "Did the Holocaust happen? You define to me what the Holocaust is. I don't know. There's no letter or whatever that pinpoints Hitler saying it."

  • In 2004, Joe Rizoli signed an Internet petition supporting Ernst Zundel, who was fighting deportation to his home in Canada from the U.S., which he entered illegally. Reportedly, Rizoli became interested in Zundel after receiving a "ZGram," an E-mail that Zundel's wife, also a Holocaust denier, sent to subscribers. Ironically for a xenophobe, Rizoli spoke out against Zundel's deportation, which was the result of Zundel's illegal entry into the U.S.

As they say, one man's meat is another man's poison. To those onto the Jewish scam of the Holocaust, these are all admirable achievements. But to Jews, ever the promoters of lies and false stories, Rizoli's unflinching achievements are anathema.

"We had a good following," Jim remembers. "We became like celebrities because we had the balls enough to talk about illegal immigrants. It opened up the door to talk about it in the whole state. Even the governor came and talked to us. And a Brazilian station put us on down there."

"Then I started getting into the Holocaust and even the immigration people were scared off," he remembers.

"We took the most heat from then on. In 2010 we were banned by our cable station for a year for false allegations. We came back in 2011 with four shows. We were on 12 times a week.

"We were pounding away at the Jews. It's a wonder that they didn't kill us."

The cable company shut them down again in 2014.

"Nobody would dare come on a show dealing with the Holocaust issue."

Good fortune came Rizoli's way about this time when he hooked up with Diane on Facebook and the pair have become teammates in a game most Americans are afraid to play — Holocaust revisionism.

What has gained Rizoli new found attention after years of battling the Jews in a beat up suburb of Boston now dominated by Brazilians is a series of YouTubes sketching the lives of famous historians who can tell the real story of World War II, which is not the one told in movies and on TV by paid shills who spout the bogus Jewish version of reality.

League of Extraordinary Revisionists

Be sure and check out the real heroes of the revisionist movement captured on film by JIm Rizoli. 

These include, among many other luminaries, Fred Leuchter, author of the Leuchter Report that proved there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz; Robert Faurisson, the dean of Holocaust Revisionists who for more than a half century has been challenging the Jewish liars "to show me or draw me a picture of the gas chamber at Auschwitz"; Germar Rudolf, the German chemist jailed for his efforts at refining and reinforcing the evidence for the Holocaust hoax; and the late Bradley Smith, interviewed in the final months of his life after selfless decades of preaching historical sanity on college campuses with his Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust.

In addition, there are many other controversial topics covered in — Holocaust Liars and Holocaust Truthers, Auschwitz and Treblinka, AIPAC and the Slave Trade, witch trials and Rizoli Uncensored.

Among the many highlights are a riveting account of the fake Boston Marathon bombing and a Police file that explains how public officials are allowed to commit crimes and get away with them.

"We're not letting up," says Joe, then making this writer not mention an event they're in the process of unleashing on the public.

"It's going to be a struggle forever," says JIm. "I don't know how we're going to do it ("it" being to get the public to accept the real story of what happened in World War II in Germany).

"We just have to hang in there. We're not looking to convert the world we're just trying to get the word out."

Rizoli is constantly emphasizing that "the Holocaust is the hub of what has gone wrong with the world.

"But I love the fight. I'm not going down on my knees. If I go down I'm going to be standing up. You have to do what you know is right."

Support JIm Rizoli's important work by mail at 
Jim Rizoli (LOER), 94 Pond St., Framingham MA 01702, 508-872-7292.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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Sleepwalking into oblivion

False nobility leads to disaster,
masks the continuing holocaust

By John Kaminski

"Your 'love' for your people
Puts them in mortal danger.
Your exercise of justice is the root 
Of war after war!
Your grand intentions 
Will end in disaster!"

I don't know why news of yet another war has horrified me so profoundly, but that's what happened when I learned that France was renewing the neverending war on Libya. Here's a country that has been hammered into virtual nonexistence by an avalanche of lies and false pretenses. All its assets have been stolen, and most of its people murdered.

All the while Americans and most of the Jew-controlled white Western world pay no notice to the continuing crimes against humanity they unwittingly finance. Israel's goal of turning all of its neighbors — and soon all the countries in the world — into either failed states or obedient vassals has largely succeeded, but the actions of France show us that once Jew-victim countries are destroyed, its people will continue to be tortured until no gentile remains alive.

What makes no sense to me is that while the Jewish leaders of socialist France have made an obvious attempt to Muslimize their country, here they are making war on Islamist targets in another nation that has already been destroyed. What other reason other than the routine practice of violent annihilation the Western powers seem to so eager to practice could France, a country besieged within its own borders by Muslim no-go-zones, should give aid to Islam within its own borders but attack Muslims outside its own geographical confines? 

The worst of this continuing insanity is that the French government has made reporting on these maneuvers a crime. The French people by law are not allowed to know what its government is doing. This is the end of France as a free country.

And given what has transpired in the U.S. these last few years, maybe our own condition as well. The Freedom of Information Act has in fact been dead for years.

Likely this is the reason that Daryl Bradford Smith, an American living in France for decades, has closed down his website, The French Connection, which was known throughout the liberty loving world as a repository for some of the finest anti-tyranny texts in the world. Daryl doesn't want to be put in jail for trying to tell the truth, so who can blame him. Let's hope he can avoid the iron heel of what Jewish censors do to people they don't like.

The world is being crushed into silence at the point of a gun, and no one — no country or individual — has the power to stop this madness.

"If you set out to 'accomplish something great' 
You only deceive yourself.
Your love and justice
Are fraudulent.
They are mere pretexts
For self-assertion, for aggression. 
One action will bring on another 
And in the chain of events
Your hidden intentions
Will be made plain.

Many people have already figured out that this ubiquitous "terror threat" that motivates so much of world's military motion is really a hoax, that the "enemies of freedom" are really constructs created by powerful manipulative men who simply want to sell weapons and run their economies in that cynical way.

This is how we got Al-Qaeda as the all-purpose terror threat that supposedly brought down the World Trade Center, and now how we have ISIS (ISIL or DAESH), an enemy we created and are funding but are also claiming to be fighting, or were before Russia stepped in and fulfilled the prophecy of the uncanny mystic Edgar Cayce, who once predicted Russia would be the hope of the world, as it now seems to be.

And we also suspect that the tidal wave of refugees now overwhelming Europe with its crass atrocities was deliberately arranged by the Coalition of the Killing, as U.S. ally Turkey not only enabled the refugees from the country it helped destroy, Syria, to scramble toward the country that invited them, Germany. All the while Turkey assisted these U.S. created rebels in stealing Iraq's oil to further depress the world's oil market and wreck the oil industries in Russia and Venezuela, precisely two more countries the U.S. wishes to destroy.

"You claim to practice justice. 
Should you seem to succeed 
Success itself will bring more conflict.
Why all these guards
Standing at attention
At the palace gate, around the temple altar, 

In this toxic climate created by the all-encompassing Jewish hammerlock on reality, there is no end in sight to the false flag atrocities and continuing constriction of people's right to live their own lives free of the sadistic regimentation that is squeezing the life out of everyone.

While the French government has publicly financed a giant mosque in the middle of Paris, in Britain a new law has been passed prohibiting the boycott of Israeli products by public bodies and student unions.

Certainly there is no hope of escaping from the mindlock of Jewish manipulation from the freeze dried crop of current presidential candidates who seem to oscillate between making America's military even stronger than the nightmare entity it has already become and simultaneously vying for contributions from the billionaires from Israel who control American life in all its aspects.

And do not be deceived by Donald Trump's apparently relevant iconoclasm, because he, through his gambling interests, is a child of the Rothschilds and staunch friend of Israel, who promises to make America's military even more demonically insane than it already is.

Again, many people have already figured out that none of the candidates talk about the issues that are critical to our continued survival. They chatter on about a global warming carbon tax yet say nothing about the deliberate poisoning of our food supply, the continuing assassinations of doctors who aspire to bring us genuine health instead of addicting pills, and all agree the sending jobs overseas and keeping the laws it creates secret from the general public is a good idea.

Of course all of these politicians are motivated not by good faith or patriotic duty, but by the cash contributions they receive from Jewish contributors, preposterously rich from their ill-gotten gains. 

The same dynamic was at work recently in Oregon, when a majority of the citizens failed to support true patriots protesting the federal takeover of private land because to do so would have meant the loss of their jobs since many of them worked for government agencies and had families to support.

Ammon Bundy and his father Cliven and their friends now face long prison terms in kangaroo courts ultimately controlled by the Jews. They stood up for the the finest patriotic principles, but the people in general, fearing for their own security, refused to stand by them.

"You are at war with yourself! 
You do not believe in justice, 
Only in power and success.
If you overcome
An enemy and annex his country 
You will be even less at peace 
With yourself than you are now. 
Nor will your passions let you 
Sit still. You will fight again
And again for the sake of
A more perfect exercise of 'justice'!

We see today that most Americans have yet to realize that supporting savagery overseas eventually brings it home upon ourselves. We see how our police, trained in Israel, have basically changed the nature of America. From a benevolent society once accustomed to trusting the police in emergencies, we now have to fear for our lives that they'll kill us for any reason at all.

This is the perfect result of karma, or the Biblical enjoinder of "as you reap so shall you sow." Deep down, you know what the end of all this will be, and raking yourself over the coals for not doing what you had to do when there was still time to do it will be of no consequence now, when we are all clambering just to stay alive.

Is it too late to avert this fate? Only you can answer that question, and by your actions, determine whether it will happen or not.

"Abandon your plan
To be a 'loving and equitable ruler.' 
Try to respond
To the demands of inner truth.
Stop vexing yourself and your people 
With these obsessions!
Your people will breathe easily at last. 
They will live
And war will end by itself!"

Quotes in bold italic were extracted from The Way of Chuang Tzu by Thomas Merton in the chapter titled "Advising the Prince".
Copyright © 1965 by the Abbey of Gethsemani

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.