Sunday, February 21, 2016

The third rail

Certain hazardous topics
require risking our lives
if we aspire to be real

By John Kaminski

I keep running into that phrase. The third rail. Of course it's a metaphor from the subway. You touch the third rail and you electrocute yourself. I have to explain that because the American people have become so dumbed down they might know what the phrase "third rail" means. It means you touch it and you likely will end your life.

Unfortunately for all of us, the third rail of reality must be touched, or our lives will never be real. Right now our lives are not real because there are so many topics we can't talk about in public, and because we can't talk about them, all the decisions we must make are necessarily based on insufficient data, rendering our lives inauthentic, delusional and at elevated risk for both inadvertent injury and unexpected termination.

The social machinery that has put virtually the entire population into this coma of servile timidity must be short-circuited if any of us are to live authentic lives ever again. If this machinery is not short-circuited, the best we can expect of our radically shortened and polluted future is to be seedpods in a salmon farm for humans with no consciousness and no volition to deviate from the mandatory suicide course that has been prescribed for us by the invisible sadists who manipulate the international corporation that masquerades as our government.

For the past few weeks this mantra of the third rail — don't touch the third rail! — has stalked me like the theme song from a horror movie, which our reality so vividly resembles.

The first time I heard it, it jarred me. I was talking to a friend in Connecticut for the first time in about a decade, and I naturally got around to asking how he felt about the events of Sandy Hook, the much discussed alleged school massacre whose details have elicited skeptical scrutiny from those willing to examine the numerous criticisms.

He mentioned that he and his wife knew some very decent people who lived in Sandy Hook. So I asked him the follow-up question — what do they think happened at that so-called functioning elementary school, when supposedly a boy who may never have existed, a young hermit who nobody knew, who weighed 120 pounds yet carried 80 pounds of weapons and murdered 20 tiny children — first graders! — shooting some of them 10 or 11 times with phenomenal accuracy in a mere ten minutes or so — and then conveniently killed himself?

And yet nobody saw any bodies. There were no emergency helicopters on scene. No one explained who pronounced those children dead, or why no little bodies were seen being carried away. The parents were not allowed to see their dead children (which is something nobody believes! Would you, as a parent, permit that?). And the police said anybody who attempted to question their official version of events would be arrested. 

Town officials wouldn't say who cleaned up the blood. Nor would they explain why the school did not appear to be open, a legitimately functioning school. It had no Internet presence, and right before Christmas, it had put up no Christmas decorations.

They held funerals, that's for sure, because people went to them. But the caskets were all closed. And nobody but nobody would explain about the millions of dollars received from both the local government and people contributing to the parents of these murdered children. Or why so many people got free houses on Christmas day.

Or the enigmatic remarks of the strange medical examiner who looked like he was high on crack when he said hoped this event would not come crashing down on the heads of the people who staged this macabre charade.

So I asked my friend what he thought about Sandy Hook.

Lowering his voice so his wife couldn't hear him, he said, "It's the third rail in our house. We can't talk about it." 

And so it seems to go across the entire country. Wolfgang Halbig asked questions that Connecticut officials refused to answer, and Jim Fetzer put together a book that Amazon wouldn't distribute. Yet the American electorate refuses to believe its government could be that evil, despite decades of deceptive events that have left everyone not knowing who to trust.

It's not just a game

The next episode of third rail paranoia hit me during a recent conversation with a friend from Texas, who strongly advised me not to pursue further investigation of common law courts and the notion that our government is illegitimate, that it is in fact a corporation run by the International Monetary Fund, due to a sequence of illegal maneuvers dating from the Civil War, at which time martial law was declared and has never since been rescinded.

The reason for his warning was because over his long life he had watched a long line of well meaning people destroyed when their logical criticisms of government malfeasance resulted in serious damage or sudden death for jeopardizing the deceptive scams our government has foisted on us throughout our lives.

During the recent standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge, advocates of common law courts sprung up across the Internet, urging everyone to study the major episodes of the great betrayal of American citizens, beginning with the two bills that President Andrew Johnson vetoed after the end of the Civil War, for which he missed being impeached by one single vote.

This series of underhanded efforts included the incorporation of the District of Columbia in 1871, which effectively ended all of our Constitutional protections; the passage of the Federal Reserve, income tax and direct election of senators (allowing international influence to take over our political process) in 1913; and the federal bankruptcy of 1933, when the puppetmasters stole all the gold and sold all American citizens to the IMF.

My Texas friend bade me think about people who have tried to expose the hoax that is our federal and reconsider what happened to them.

Former Congressman George Hansen is the poster child for what happens to well-meaning people who try to blow the whistle on the criminal corruption the U.S. government. In 1980 Hansen published a book titled To Harass Our People: The IRS and Government Abuse of Power. By 1985 he was in jail, and not only in jail, but the first and most famous victim of what came to be known as "diesel therapy", a form of punishment in which he is painfully shackled and then driven indefinitely from one jail to another.

Hansen was eventually exonerated but only after being permanently disfigured by the sadistic treatment he received.

More recently Irwin Schiff died in prison after many years of solitary confinement, punishment for consistently opposing the legality of the IRS.

Then there was Michael Hastings, a Rolling Stone reporter who died in a mysterious car explosion after writing a book about a renegade America general.

More recently we have the assassination epidemic among doctors who have successfully treated cancer patients by unconventional means.

And now we have the members of the Bundy family all expected to receive long prison terms for standing up for what they thought was right, and being smacked down by a government that doesn't really care what they thought, as they don't care what you think either, because America is no longer a Constitutional republic. It is a police state and if you oppose what it tells you to do, you will suffer mightily and have no recourse to the penalties it imposes.

There are many innocent people in federal prison whom you may consult about this.

Common law courts are the third rail. Advocate them at your own risk.

Has Trump touched the third rail?

Much of the nation held its collective breath when billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump started yapping about George Bush's invasion of Iraq and whether he lied or not. Aimed at fellow candidate Jeb Bush (who mercifully has finally dropped out of the race), Trump came very close to saying George Bush had covered up the real story of 9/11.

But just when many people suspected that Trump was going to blow the whistle on the inside job that 9/11 actually was, the casino-owning candidate of the Rothschilds backed off and fell back on that tired old story that the Saudis did it, a contention that has long since been discarded as it is by now common knowledge that Israeli intelligence and the Jews of Wall Street engineered the greatest crime in American history with the help of neocon traitors then (and still) in the White House.

Of course The Donald is not about to say that, because when all is said and done, he's just another Jew shill, just like all the other candidates who bend their knee when Netanyahu comes to town or Soros and Adelson open their wallets.

Still, for awhile there, it looked like Trump was going to latch onto that third rail and reveal one of the great secrets of American history, a secret that by now most Americans know, while everybody inside the government still pretends for public consumption that they don't know.

But there are other public officials who clearly grasped the third rail and wound up dead. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia comes to mind. Lots of stories are circulating about him, and some of them are probably true.

Among notable people who are steering clear of the third rail are the many inhabitants of Harney County, Oregon, who opted not to support the Bundys or the Hammonds being abused by the Bureau of Land Management, and instead keep their jobs instead because most of the jobs in that rural area are county positions, and to go against the government would be to forfeit your job. 

I hope they'll be very happy as gagged slaves of the power elite, but this is a widespread phenomenon all across the country and the world, in which people holding government jobs or receiving government benefits will lose them if they choose to oppose what their benefactors demand they say — and think.

Of course, the 9/11 coverup has been the top third rail topic around the world for the past 15 years. The stark fact is that every member of Congress and every public official knows the fix is in and that our own government in league with the top Jew bankers and Israeli intelligence brought the Twin Towers down and blamed it on Muslims in order to conduct a state of permanent war against the Islamic world that Israel wants reduced to the condition of Palestine, a state of permanent rubble.

Already this plan has ruined large parts of the United States. You can thank the Jews for it.

So while Trump feints and postures that he's going to reveal the truth of 9/11, we now know he's going to blame the convenient patsies known as Saudis rather than the actual perpetrators known as Israelis, who dominate the U.S. government and American culture and are intent on destroying both.

Somebody who is much clearer than the prevaricating politicians about the central issue that undermines the political and social health of the world is the musician Roger Waters, who sheds a clear light on why popular music which is dominated by Jewish record producers is absolutely devoid of political content.

Waters, lead guitarist for the iconic band Pink Floyd, first went to play in Israel 2006 and ever since has been a leading voice for exposing the torture of the Palestinians and also why his fellow musicians are terrified about speaking out against Jews. <

As taboo as speaking out about 9/11 is, directing attention toward the world sickness of Jewish control is even more dangerous. Consider what happened to pop superstar Michael Jackson, who was murdered by his own doctor simply for using the word "kike" in one of his songs.

More dangerous than talking about 9/11, Jews or exposing the government as a robotic phantom by the UN and the IMF, might well be this topic which is sure to set off at least half the world in an eruption of outrage and denial. Yes, this just might be the ultimate third rail topic, leading you to be torn apart, like the legendary Orpheus, by a rabid mob of outraged women.

Why women destroy nations

Women don't care about the welfare of their country or their civilization. They seek to maximize their chances of bearing viable offspring. The feminization of the West has been a disaster.

The damage done to the West might be irreparably damaged. It might not be able to be repaired.

So watch the video and know without doubt that when you do, you will have your hands tightly wrapped around the third rail. How you deal with the realization that women like the idea of their country being destroyed by a rampage of virile men might just determine the viability of our future and the fate of the world.

Based just on past history a civilization that embraces feminist values will cease to exist in a very short time. This is why we have never seen a feminist civilization aside from very short spans at the end of great empires.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bobby Fischer Statement of Fact

Statement of facts

On July 13th 2004 at about 5:25 p.m. Robert James Fischer("Bobby" Fischer) entered the Japanese immigration dept. on his way to Japan Airlines flight JL 745 departing from Tokyo/Narita airport at 6:20 p.m. for Manila Philippines. Bobby gave the immigration lady his passport and she quickly stamped his exit visa. However he'd forgotten to fill out the immigration departure form. She told him to fill it out at a nearby writing stand. He took it over there and filled it out. But when Bobby returned a couple of minutes later an immigration man had replaced her. Bobby gave him back his passport and the filled out immigration form. However when the immigration man put his passport under a special light a beep went off or was set off and Bobby was detained. Bobby was asked to take a nearby seat while they found out what was the problem. Bobby took the seat and as he was waiting he heard someone on the phone fiercely barking instructions to an immigration official. The immigration official kept repeating in a loud militaristic manner "hai, hai!" After Bobby had waited there about 15 minutes or so he told the immigration official talking on the phone that his plane was leaving shortly and that he didn't want to miss the flight. By now all pretense of civility was gone and the immigration official fairly shouted at Bobby "I know that sit down!" and went back to his bullshit phone call. After waiting there on his seat for about half an hour or so altogether Bobby was told to accompany various immigration security officials. Bobby went with them through the office to the left of the immigration exit counters and then down a ways to an elevator. Bobby and the security officials took the elevator down at least one floor. Then Bobby and the immigration security officials took a long walk down the dark and narrow corridor to Bobby was told not where. The atmosphere had turned threatening, foreboding, hostile and sinister. The place was completely apart and isolated from other passengers. There were only immigration types. Bobby asked "Where are we going?" He was told they were going to an office to talk. Bobby stopped walking and said "What's the problem?" Bobby was told that he should just go to the office to talk. Bobby said "About what?" Bobby was told "We just talk." At some stage a young extremely fat half Japanese and half Latino translator made his portly appearance. By now Bobby said "I'm not moving until I know what this is all about." Bobby tried to start walking in the direction of where he'd come from. He was blocked by a smirking young immigration security type. Bobby was now surrounded by about at least 4 or 5 immigration security types plus the translator. The security types kept coming and going but overall their number slowly increased… Bobby demanded to know if he was under arrest and if so what were the charges against him. Bobby said he wasn't moving until he found out what this was all about. Over and over and over again Bobby was asked if he wished to see someone from the U.S. embassy. Bobby was told he had a right to contact the U.S. embassy. Bobby was told maybe they can help you. Bobby always answered immediately and vehemently and with finality that he did not wish to see anyone from the U.S. embassy nor did he wish to contact the U.S. embassy. Bobby explained that the U.S. embassy was itself the problem not the solution. Bobby explained that the U.S. government is evil and that they were out to "get" him. Even the translator conceded to Bobby in Spanish that in his opinion Bush is a monster! Bobby asked to call a friend many times but they refused. After everyone was standing in the hallway for about 45 minutes or so a half-crazed security official came out with Bobby's passport and they showed Bobby what they said was his arrest warrant. But they wouldn't let Bobby touch it. It appeared to be a 2 page document. It was in Japanese and English. Bobby tried to read the first page from a distance but only got a glimpse of the second page. The first page said that Bobby had illegally entered Japan and illegally left Japan!!! Bobby asked "When did I illegally enter Japan?" He was told it was all there on the arrest warrant. Bobby said "Where's the date I illegally entered?" Bobby said maybe it's in Japanese but that he didn't see it in English. They said it's there in English too. They said that everything on the arrest warrant was in Japanese and English. If the date when Bobby allegedly illegally entered Japan was in English or western numerals Bobby sure didn't see it. The older half-crazed higher level immigration official told Bobby that his passport was not valid. Bobby said "Since when is it not valid? You mean it was not valid when I entered Japan a few months ago?" The kook answered "That's right!" Bobby continued "It wasn't valid when I entered Japan 3 months ago? Since when hasn't it been valid?" The kook answered "Oh, long before that!" Bobby pressed on "Since when hasn't it been valid?" The kook answered since last November!!! The immigration kook said that the U.S. government told them that Bobby's passport wasn't valid since then. (Let's leave aside for another occasion the extremely important constitutional question of whether the U.S. government purely by edict has the right to restrict, revoke or invalidate etc. a U.S. passport that is otherwise perfectly valid i.e. is not counterfeit or forged, has not been altered, has not expired, is not being used by a person other than to whom it was originally issued to etc. It's not hard to imagine where Bobby would stand on that issue.) The kooky higher level immigration official then took out his immigration stamp and stamped Bobby's entry visa and Bobby's exit visa in the passport invalid. All this without any investigation or getting Bobby's side of the story. Simply on the word of the great United States! Bobby found all of this to be slightly incredible because Bobby's passport was perfectly valid in every way with about 2 and half years left on it till it expired on January 23rd of 2007. Furthermore in October and November of 2003 Bobby had personally visited the Bern, Switzerland U.S. embassy(the same U.S. embassy that had originally issued the 10 year passport No. Z7792702 to Bobby on January 24, 1997) because Bobby's passport was almost completely full with almost no place left for more visa stamps. Bobby had been sternly advised on several occasions by both Japanese and Hong Kong immigration officials that his passport urgently needed to get more pages put into it immediately so there would be space for more visa stamps. In about late October of 2003 Bobby told the people in the U.S. embassy at Bern, Switzerland that he needed more pages for his passport otherwise he soon wouldn't be able to travel for lack of space to make visa stamps. After about 10 days and many phone calls back and forth and at least 2 visits to the embassy in Bern they finally gave Bobby the extra pages for his passport. The U.S. embassy at Bern never explained to Bobby what the delay was all about except to say that the state department needed time to make the decision whether or not to give him the extra pages. To Bobby's surprise on November 6, 2003 they gave him the 24 or so extra page insert which they professionally bound into his passport free of charge! Such service! But that was about 8 months ago in neutral Switzerland. Now Bobby was in U.S. occupied-excuse us-U.S. controlled Japan. But it is highly significant and important to reemphasize that when Bobby personally presented his perfectly valid U.S. passport No. Z7792702 to the U.S. Embassy at Bern, Switzerland on November 6, 2003 far from confiscating and destroying his passport they actually gave him an about 24 page insert for it! The embassy perfectly sewed the insert into Bobby's passport themselves in some high-tech manner so that it appears to be an integral part of the passport. If Bobby's passport were "illegal" or "revoked" or "invalid" or whatever then one would think that that was the time for the embassy to make their claim however false, unlawful and illegal that claim might be… But that would be overlooking the political dimension to all of this. Obviously the filthy Jew-controlled U.S. government preferred to illegally and criminally grab and destroy Bobby's passport only when Bobby was not in neutral Switzerland. So instead they planned to do the job elsewhere at a time and manner of their own choosing… The U.S. not only wanted to grab and destroy Bobby's U.S. passport but far more importantly they wanted to grab and destroy Bobby too. And neutral Switzerland was not the right place to do it… Of course, after Bobby had received his about 24 page passport insert from the U.S. embassy at Bern, Switzerland on November 6, 2003. Bobby had assumed that he was "home free" at least until January 23, 2007 when his passport would expire. Little did Bobby suspect the devilish criminal plot that the "moderate" Colin Powell had in store him… By now Bobby felt certain that there was a real possibility of his being chained and handcuffed and flown back to the filthy Jew-controlled U.S.A. with a bag over his head that very night. So he decided not to go down without a fight! The immigration officials security types and the translator told Bobby that he was being detained and/or arrested and that he had to go with them. Bobby said "No, I'm not moving." At this point Bobby was surrounded by a total of about 15 people including the translator and a young man with a video camera out and filming. At this point the immigration security guards made their move and attacked Bobby. Bobby didn't touch them until they attacked him first. Of course Bobby was overwhelmed. A short scuffle broke out where Bobby tried to bite one of the guards but only bit into his heavy shirt (but anyway Bobby could tell by the expression on the guard's face that he felt it). Bobby also got in a few good kicks before they subdued him. They then put a black or brown bag over Bobby's head and lifted him up by his legs and arms and carried him in a horizontal position to wherever they were taking him. Hands and arms and legs were all over Bobby pummeling him, pushing him, twisting him, suffocating him. One or more guards was deliberately inflicting great pain by constantly twisting Bobby's right arm. Bobby was sure it was going to break but it didn't. Also Bobby felt one or more guards were trying to put handcuffs on him. Finally Bobby was dumped into a room where one or more guards was sitting on or otherwise putting strong pressure on Bobby's back. All of the air was forced out of Bobby's lungs. What very little breathing Bobby could even attempt to do was also blocked by the black or brown bag on his head. Bobby shouted over and over again that "I can't breathe, I can't breathe" but they paid no attention. Bobby twisted his head back and forth furiously all the while shouting "I can't breathe I can't breathe!" This went on for what seemed like about a minute or two. Bobby only had about a second or two left before he would have passed out and/or died. Bobby was already thinking: "So this is how I will die. Will my friends and loved ones ever really know the truth about how I was murdered? What will the press say about it? It was all planned this way by the Jews… It really is true all the horror stories all the "suicides' all the murders in custody… It's so damned easy…it's so quick… "Suddenly after what seemed like an eternity the guy or guys got off of Bobby's back and he could breathe! Apparently they'd just been taking their sweet time about robbing Bobby's belongings, taking his belt and shoes off taking his handcuffs off etc. Maybe they didn't want Bobby to see the handcuffs. Or maybe one or more of them wanted to kill Bobby but one or more of them didn't. Whatever Bobby is still alive! The bag was gone from Bobby's head the cuffs were off and Bobby was alone in a prison cell. Bobby's belt was gone and so was his money his wallet, shoes, etc. The young man continued to video Bobby from outside the bars for sometime even after the guards left the prison cell. Now Bobby had time to survey the damage. His right arm hurt very much but apparently was not broken. His right wrist was bloodied and bruised with a good sized gash on the outside part of his right wrist about an half an inch above the wrist-bone. A number of his teeth had been chipped or broken or worse in the melee. After the fight Bobby took out a piece of one of his teeth and saved it. Bobby's left cheekbone was also sore and obviously was hurt during the fight. OK. Let's move on to the next phase. The next day on July14th 2004 the guards came into Bobby's cell and told him that he had a visitor from the U.S. embassy in Tokyo who wanted to see him. Bobby told them he didn't want to see anyone from the U.S. embassy. They told Bobby that he had no choice. Bobby refused to go. They told Bobby that he was going to see the visitor from the U.S. embassy whether he liked it or not! They forcefully grabbed Bobby's arms and legs and started to lift and carry him in a similar manner to the night before. Bobby was still hurting badly from the night before so on the spot he decided to "surrender" and go and see his unwelcome visitor without any further struggle. They took Bobby to a room (not the special "visitors room" where the prisoner and the visitor are separated by a glass window) where the U.S. embassy man was either already there waiting or else came in a minute or so later. The embassy man did all the talking while Bobby didn't say a word. He had in front of him on his side of the table what appeared to be the remnants of Bobby's U.S. passport. It now had numerous large holes in it along the edges. Also something appeared to be stamped on the inside of it. The embassy man also had a photo copy of a letter or a purported letter to Bobby from the United States embassy in Manila, Philippines dated December 11, 2003 advising Bobby that his passport was revoked. The embassy man explained to Bobby with what can only be described as a deliberate tongue in cheek or mock cat that ate the canary look on his face and obvious malicious glee that since the State department didn't know exactly where to reach Bobby they thought that this would be the best chance to notify Bobby of the revocation of his passport because they know that Bobby visits the Philippines from time to time… (Needless to say Bobby had never seen or heard of this letter before his forced meeting with the embassy man on July 14, 2004. We'll have more to say about this letter later on.) The embassy man further explained to Bobby that the revocation of his passport would not hinder him from receiving from the U.S. embassy in Tokyo a special one time one trip passport only good to return to the United States… The embassy man then added that well if Bobby had no further questions he'd be leaving. Then he looked at Bobby intently and maliciously and with twinkling eyes shot out: "Well, Mr. Fischer if you have no objection I'll be taking your passport back to the embassy with me." This was meant to be his coup de grace or piece de resistance. What would Bobby say? What would Bobby do? If Bobby remained silent the embassy man would say that Bobby didn't object to him taking Bobby's mutilated and destroyed passport back to the embassy with him. And then by extension the embassy man would claim or imply (with a straight face) that well, maybe Mr. Fischer didn't really mind that the U.S. had grabbed and destroyed his passport because after all he knew that we had the legal right to do so… On the other hand if Bobby answered and said that he does object he would break his silence and then the embassy man could say that Bobby had voluntarily met with him and that they had a voluntary conversation and that Bobby didn't say this or he didn't say that or he didn't assert his rights here or he didn't assert his rights there etc. Bobby answered and said, "Give me back my passport you son of a bitch!" At which the embassy man winced and replied that oh well yes I'll leave it here with the security people with your belongings. (He broke that promise about 5 minutes later when he left the Narita airport immigration lockup with Bobby's passport! Jesus, usually it takes even a Jew a little longer than that to break his word!) Bobby asked the embassy man if he was a Jew. The embassy man said "Are you?" Bobby said "I asked you first!" The embassy man said that oh, no he wasn't going to play that game, that he didn't have answer that question. Bobby asked the embassy man his name. The embassy man said his first name was "Peter." Bobby asked "Peter" "What's your last name?" "Peter" told Bobby that "that doesn't concern you!" The arrogance and criminality of the U.S. embassy people is almost unbelievable. And at just about that point their conversation came to an end and "Peter" left their meeting room. As Bobby was waiting in the meeting room with the door open for the guards to come and lead him back to his prison cell he saw "Peter" being so kind and effusive and "respectful" with the Japanese immigration authorities as he shook hands with them one by one and bid them goodbye… A real gentleman, a real gentleman… By the way we should mention at some point and this is as good a time as any that after he was illegally arrested and imprisoned on July 13, 2004 Bobby never again saw his expensive European buffalo leather U.S. passport holder. Bobby bought it in Vienna Austria about 8 or 9 years ago for a about $50 or $60 dollars and it's still in perfect condition. The Japanese immigration authorities swear that they don't have it so that points to "Peter" and the U.S. embassy. Of course it's a very "trivial" point but if Bobby stole someones expensive leather passport holder he might go to prison for a while. Perhaps now that the issue has been brought up "Peter" and the U.S. embassy will hasten to return the stolen leather passport holder to Bobby. But perhaps not! O.K. Let's move on. Anyway, for a moment we forgot that it's completely "legal" for the Jews to rob and plunder Bobby to their heart's content. Immediately after "Peter" left the immigration lock-up dept. the immigration authorities gave Bobby on behalf of "Peter" a photocopy of the aforementioned purported letter from the U.S. embassy in Manila to "Bobby." But it's just a joke of course. This purported 2 pages letter is from the embassy of the United States of America, Manila, Philippines dated December 11, 2003 to Robert James Fischer and signed by Theodore Allegra consul of the United States of America. The purported letter has no other address! It seems when it comes to the Jews and the Jew-controlled U.S. government trying to "screw" Bobby anything goes! This garbage people (the Jews) have no self-respect. Along with the letter they gave Bobby the letter's supposed "enclosure" something called "22 CFR Ch.1(4-1-97 Edition) Department of State" pages 252, 253, 254, 255, 256 and (presumably) 257. The absolute first time Bobby ever saw or heard of this supposed letter to him and it's supposed enclosure was July 14th 2004. Bobby never ever goes to the Philippine embassy in Manila. Bobby doesn't think he's ever been there in his life! But if he ever did go there at anytime in his life it was surely many decades ago!!! It's an absolute joke. As a matter of fact and just for the record Bobby is not in the habit of visiting or calling U.S. embassies anywhere in the world. Since Bobby left the U.S.A. in about July of 1992 (and he hasn't been back to the U.S.A. since then) the only embassy he has visited was the U.S. embassy in Bern, Switzerland. He visited the Bern embassy on January 24, 1997 to purchase his U.S. Passport No. Z7792702. He again visited the Bern embassy on or about October 27, 2003 and again on November 6, 2003 to get the aforementioned about 24 page passport insert. That is it. Those are his sole contacts with any U.S. embassy worldwide! The only other exception is a onetime visit in about 1994 or 1995 to the U.S.A. library reading room in Budapest, Hungary. Bobby made the visit with Mr. Pal Benko and at Mr. Benko's urging. However Bobby found the atmosphere there to be so oppressive and downright scary (guards, body check, bag check etc.) that he never went there again. Bobby's attitude has been, especially since he was indicted by the U.S. government on trumped up political charges on December 15, 1992, that the less contact with U.S. government officials the better. Bobby's only exception to this rule was regarding his desire to keep and maintain a valid U.S. passport. The last time Bobby was in the Philippines was around last summer. Months before this December 11, 2003 alleged letter was written. Bobby hasn't been back to the Philippines since then. How in the world was Bobby ever to receive or even hear about this alleged letter? Now Bobby has a few "impertinent" questions he'd like to ask the U.S. government about the supposed original handsigned copy of the now infamous purported 2 page letter from the embassy of the United States of America, Manila, Philippines dated December 11, 2003 to Robert James Fischer and signed by Theodore Allegra Consul of the Unites States of America. The purported letter has no other address! The purported letter also has a purported 3 page enclosure something called "22 CFR Ch.1(4-1-97 Edition) Department of State" pages 252, 253, 254, 255, 256 and (presumably) 257. Question No. 1. Where is the letter now? Question No. 2. Is the letter still just sitting like a lump in the U.S. embassy in Manila, Philippines? Question No. 3. How was Bobby served with the letter? Did service take place by hand by someone personally placing the letter in Bobby's hand or was service done by certified mail? Question No. 4. Whether service was effected by hand or by certified mail when, where, how and by whom and at what precise address was Bobby served with the letter. Let's see those proofs of service. Question No. 5. When Bobby spoke to "Peter" of the U.S. embassy in Tokyo on the morning of August 10, 2004 "Peter" said he believed that the letter had been mailed to Bobby at an address in the Philippines but that he didn't know where because he didn't have that information in front of him. "Peter" also did not say when the letter was allegedly mailed to Bobby at the unknown address in the Philippines that "Peter" didn't have in front of him. When and how did the letter at this unknown address in the Philippines and sent there at an unknown date supposedly reach Bobby? What proof does the U.S. government have that the letter which was allegedly sent to an unknown address in the Philippines and at an unknown date ever reached Bobby? Question No. 6. Does the letter still exist? Question No. 7. Did the letter ever exist?????? Yet supposedly this sick joke of a "letter" is the heart of the Dept. of State's case for "lifting" and then destroying Bobby's passport! The dirty Jews used very similar vicious illegal and criminal tactics to, in about late 1998 or early 1999, rob and plunder all of Bobby's cash, valuables and other belongings including his gold and silver coin collections that he kept in storage at the Bekins Moving and Storage company(Pasadena, California branch). The robbery was committed by Mr. Bob Ellsworth, Bekins Moving and Storage company and the United States government. In terms of monetary value the robbery was one of the biggest if not the biggest robbery in the history of the United States!! But getting back to the matter at hand. Page 254 of the 22 CFR Ch.1(4-1-97 Edition) Department of State paragraph 51.75 reads: "Notification of denial or withdrawal of passport." "Any person whose application for issuance of a passport has been denied, or who has otherwise been the subject of an adverse action taken on an individual basis with respect to his or her right to receive or use a passport shall be entitled to notification in writing of the adverse action. The notification shall set forth the specific reasons for the adverse action and the procedures for review available under paragraphs 51.81 through 51.105." Then continuing to paragraph 51.81 "Time limits on hearing to review adverse action." "A person who has been the subject of an adverse action with respect to his or her right to receive or use a passport shall be entitled, upon request made within 60 days after receipt of notice of such adverse action, to require the Department or the appropriate Foreign Service post, as the case may be, to establish the basis for its action in a proceeding before a hearing officer. If no such request is made within 60 days, the adverse action will be considered final and not subject to further administrative review. If such request is made within 60 days, the adverse action shall be automatically vacated unless such proceeding is initiated by the Department or the appropriate Foreign Service post, as the case may be, within 60 days after request, or such longer period as is requested by the person adversely affected and agreed to by the hearing officer." Bobby was never properly notified in writing in the manner prescribed for by the law that his passport had been revoked. Bobby doesn't have to prove that he was never properly notified in writing in the manner prescribed for by the law that his passport had been revoked. The U.S. government has to prove that Bobby was properly notified in writing in the manner prescribed for by the law that his passport had been revoked. That's the way the system is supposed to work and everybody knows that. That's basic. Bobby challenges the U.S. government to prove that Bobby was properly notified in writing in the manner prescribed for by the law that his passport had been revoked. The U.S. government can't do it because it's not true that Bobby was properly notified in writing in the manner prescribed for by the law that his passport had been revoked! We all know that the U.S. government has a huge worldwide spy apparatus. At last count, the U.S. government has some 14 different spy organizations. So we take this a step further. We challenge the U.S. government to come up with any hard, genuine evidence whatsoever that demonstrates that Bobby had ever seen or even heard about or had any knowledge of any kind about this alleged letter to him from the U.S. embassy in Manila, Philippines revoking his passport dated December 11, 2003 and signed by Theodore Allegra Consul of the United States of America before his forced meeting with "Peter" of the U.S. embassy in Tokyo on July 14, 2004 in the Narita International Airport immigration lockup!!! It simply can't be done. Because Bobby didn't. Here's another point well worth considering. Page 255 to page 256 of the 22 CFR Ch.1.(4-1-97 Edition) Department of State "Subpart F-Procedures for Review of Adverse Action." Paragraph 51.80 reads: "Applicability of paragraphs 51.81 through 51.89" " The provisions of paragraphs 51.81 through 51.89 apply to any action of the secretary taken on an individual basis in denying, restricting, revoking or invalidating a passport or in any other way adversely affecting the ability of a person to receive or use a passport except action taken by reason of noncitizenship, refusal to grant a discretionary exception under the emergency or humanitarian relief provisions of paragraph 51.71(c) or refusal to grant a discretionary exception from geographical limitations of general applicability. The provisions of this subpart shall constitute the administrative remedies provided by the Department to persons who are the subject of adverse action under paragraph 51.70, paragraph 51.71 or paragraph 51.72." Paragraph 51.81 reads: "Time limits on hearing to review adverse action." "A person who has been the subject of an adverse action with respect to his or her passport shall be entitled, upon request made within 60 days after receipt of notice of such adverse action, to require the Department or the appropriate Foreign Service post, as the case may be, to establish the basis for its action in a proceeding before a hearing officer. If no such request is made within 60 days, the adverse action will be considered final and not subject to further administrative review. If such request is made within 60 days, the adverse action shall be automatically vacated unless such proceeding is initiated by the Department or the appropriate Foreign Service post, as the case may be, within 60 days after request, or such longer period as is requested by the person adversely affected and agreed to by the hearing officer." Paragraph 51.82 reads: "Notice of hearing" "The person adversely affected shall receive not less than 5 business days' notice in writing of the scheduled date and place of the hearing." Paragraph 51.83 reads: "Functions of the hearing officer" "The hearing officer shall act on all requests for review under paragraph 51.81. He shall make findings of fact and submit recommendations to the Administrator of the Bureau of Security and Consular Affairs. In making his or her findings and recommendations, the hearing officer shall not consider confidential security information unless that information is made available to the person adversely affected and is made part of the record of the hearing. "Paragraph 51.84 reads: "Appearance at hearing." "The person adversely affected may appear at the hearing in person or with his or her attorney, or by his or her attorney. The attorney must possess the qualifications prescribed for practice before the Board of Appellate Review or be admitted to practice before the courts of the country in which the hearing is to be held." Paragraph 51.85 reads: "Proceedings before the hearing officer" "The person adversely affected may appear and testify in his or her own behalf and may himself, or by his or her attorney, present witnesses and offer other evidence and make argument. If any witness whom the person adversely affected wishes to call is unable to appear in person, the hearing officer may, in his or her discretion, accept an affidavit by the witness or order evidence to be taken by deposition. The person adversely affected shall be entitled to be informed of all the evidence before the hearing officer and of the source of such evidence, and shall be entitled to confront and cross-examine any adverse witness. The person shall, upon request by the hearing officer, confirm his or her oral statements in an affidavit for the record." Paragraph 51.86 reads: "Admissibility of evidence." "The person adversely affected and the Department may introduce such evidence as the hearing officer deems proper. Formal rules of evidence shall not apply, but reasonable restrictions shall be imposed as to relevancy, competency and materiality of evidence presented." Paragraph 51.87 reads: "Privacy of hearing." "The hearing shall be private. There shall be present at the hearing only the person adversely affected, his or her attorney, the hearing officer, official stenographers, employees of the Department directly concerned with the presentation of the case, and the witnesses. Witnesses shall be present at the hearing only while actually giving testimony or when otherwise directed by the hearing officer." Paragraph 51.88 reads: "Transcript of hearing" "A complete verbatim stenographic transcript shall be made of the hearing by a qualified reporter, and the transcript shall constitute a permanent part of the record. Upon request, the appellant or his or her counsel shall be entitled to inspect the complete transcript and to purchase a copy thereof." Paragraph 51.89 reads: "Decision of Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs; Notice of right to appeal." "The person adversely affected shall be promptly notified in writing of the decision of the Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs and, if the decision is adverse to him or her, the notification shall state the reasons for the decision and inform him or her of the right to appeal the decision to the Board of Appellate Review (part 7 of this chapter) within 60 days after receipt of notice of the adverse decision. If no appeal is made within 60 days, the decision will be considered final and not subject to further administrative review." On paper at least that's a considerable amount of rights for the person who has been adversely affected with respect to his or her passport rights! And at no cost to the appellant unless he or she wants to get a lawyer or purchase a copy of the transcript of the hearing! Now except for the Jews and their friends and supporters (or people who have been brainwashed by them) Bobby is generally considered to be an intelligent and rational person. Why in the world would he ignore and bypass these rights? It doesn't make any sense. At the very least the debate between him and the hearing officer would give Bobby a golden opportunity to bring out the enormity of the crimes against him by the Jew-controlled U.S. government! And that by simply purchasing a copy of the transcript and putting it immediately on the internet. Why, Bobby would have everything to gain by appealing the adverse action against him regarding his passport rights and virtually nothing to lose. And then if he so chose after he would inevitably (and in violation of justice and his legal rights) lose the appeal he could still appeal again and bring out even more information for the internet… So (even leaving the constitutional issues aside) why in the world would Bobby throw away all his passport appeal rights in this matter by ignoring the infamous Allegra letter??? Very simple. He never got it. He never heard about it. Ever, ever, ever, before he received a photocopy of it on July 14, 2004. And that's exactly the way it was planned by the Jew-controlled U.S. government… But the snake-like Jews will hiss: "No, no, no! Don't you understand my friend? In your ignorance and naivete you really don't get it, do you? You're completely missing the point. In mid-December of 2003 or January of 2004 or thereabouts Fischer did in fact receive the original hand signed copy of the Allegra letter to him dated December 11, 2003. That's undeniable. Fischer was properly notified in writing in the manner prescribed for by the law that his passport was revoked. Fix that in your mind. (If you don't we'll repeat it a hundred million times in our press radio and T.V. until you do.) O.K.? That's settled. Now, my dear, dear friends look at me. I'm very honest and sincere any fool can tell that. No, no wait I didn't say that correctly. What I meant to say was I'm very honest and sincere anyone can tell that. Now here's the real truth. Don't be taken in by Fischer's lies. Fischer is a hermit. He's a recluse. He's a certified paranoid-schizophrenic! He's a nut-case. He's a wacko. So, when Fischer received the original hand signed copy of the Allegra letter dated December 11, 2003 Fischer went bananas! He had a panic attack! He shouted over and over and over again to himself 'I can't appeal the passport revocation and go to the hearing! I can't appeal the passport revocation and go to the hearing! I can't appeal the passport revocation and go to the hearing! They're trying to invade my privacy! They're trying to invade my privacy! They're trying to invade my privacy!' There you have it. That's the real reason why Fischer never answered and never appealed the December 11, 2003 Allegra letter revoking his passport. Fischer voluntarily let those precious 60 days run out because being the hermit that he is he couldn't face appealing and then personally going to the hearing to review the adverse action by the State Department in regards to his passport…" But wait a second Jew-boys. As you know very well Bobby never saw or even heard of the alleged Allegra letter to him of December 11, 2003 until he was given an alleged photo copy of it on July 14, 2004. And in any event even if he had received the original hand signed copy of it in mid-December of 2003 or January of 2004 or thereabouts as you claim (which he didn't) his reaction to it would surely have been completely different from what you've described. Your arguments don't hold any water. Here's why. First of all paragraph 51.87 "Privacy of hearing." Clearly states: "The hearing shall be private. There shall be present at the hearing only the person adversely affected, his or her attorney, the hearing officer, official stenographers, employees of the Department directly concerned with the presentation of the case, and the witnesses. Witnesses shall be present at the hearing only while actually giving testimony or when otherwise directed by the hearing officer." No press or the public allowed! That's pretty damned private Jew-boys. Even if Bobby were anywhere near as paranoid, delicate, loony and off-the-wall as you Jew-boys pretend to believe he is he should have been able to withstand the "pressure" of such a hearing. (But of course having said that nowadays after what the U.S. government has just pulled on Bobby in Japan he would surely think twice about personally meeting U.S. government officials on U.S. government property anywhere in the world!) Secondly, Jew-boys your argument doesn't hold water because paragraph 51.84"Appearance at hearing." Clearly states: "The person adversely affected may appear at the hearing in person or with his or her attorney, or by his or her attorney. The attorney must possess the qualifications prescribed for practice before the Board of Appellate Review or be admitted to practice before the courts of the country in which the hearing is to be held." So, Bobby wouldn't even have had to go to the hearing in person at all if he didn't want to. He could just have sent his attorney!!! Jew−snakes losing their cool: "Fool! Firstly you obviously have no idea as to the megalomaniacal degree of Fischer's paranoia and delusions of grandeur. Nothing can ever be private enough for him! Anyway, Fischer didn't believe that the U.S. government would enforce the law and keep out the press and the public. Secondly, do you really believe all those lies by Fischer that he still has millions of Swiss francs in the Union Bank of Switzerland(UBS)? Don't be so gullible. Fischer is flat broke. He couldn't possibly have afforded to hire an attorney to represent him at the hearing to appeal the revocation of his passport so he would have had to go there himself after all…" And the Jewish lies go on and on and on and on endlessly. Truly it is a wise old Rumanian saying that "Jews live by lies and die when coming in contact with the truth." In Bobby's opinion there's a real possibility that this infamous alleged "letter" to Bobby dated December 11, 2003 from the U.S. embassy in Manila, Philippines and signed by Theodore Allegra Consul of the United States of America was actually cooked up for prompt release in its precise final form by the CIA sometime on or after July 6, 2004 the day Bobby bought his Japan airlines round-trip ticket to the Philippines and made his reservation for flight JL 745 departing Tokyo, Japan on July 13, 2004 at 18:20 for Manila, Philippines! You say that can't happen? What world are you living in? The alleged Dec. 11, 2003 Allegra letter to "Bobby" was just meant to give the Japanese immigration authorities a cheap excuse a pretext a cover however false for cooperating with the Tokyo U.S. embassy. Then the Japanese immigration authorities "acting in good faith" and on "reliable information from the Tokyo U.S. embassy "Would have an excuse and pretext and a cover (though of course it still wouldn't be legal) for illegally canceling Bobby's entrance visa to Japan of April 15, 2004 and illegally cancelling Bobby's exit visa from Japan of July 13, 2004 for illegally arresting Bobby and illegally and brutally throwing him in the Narita international airport immigration lockup (and nearly killing him in the process) for illegally turning Bobby's passport over to the Tokyo U.S. embassy for its illegal destruction by the Tokyo U.S. embassy and then for illegally forcing Bobby to meet with "Peter" of the Tokyo U.S. embassy. The final step for this charade, for this travesty of justice is if all goes according to plan is for the Japanese immigration authorities and the U.S. embassy in Tokyo to illegally deport Bobby to the U.S.A. where he will face a kangaroo court on trumped up political charges. Then Bobby will be tried, convicted, imprisoned, tortured and murdered. Furthermore it is Bobby's conviction that the CIA has spread money around in the right places and in the right amounts to both the Japanese government and with the Narita international airport immigration authority to grease the wheels to accomplish all of their dastardly plans for Bobby… All right. As we've explained repeatedly Bobby's passport was never revoked because it wasn't revoked in a legal manner. End of the story. But purely for the sake of argument let's say that Bobby's passport had been revoked by the U.S. government and it had been revoked in a completely legal and above board manner. Would that then give the Japanese immigration authorities the right to confiscate Bobby's passport and turn it over to the U.S. embassy in Tokyo and then for the U.S. embassy in Tokyo to physically destroy it??? Absolutely not. Let's go back to 22 CFR Ch.1(4-1-97 Edition) paragraph 51.76 "Surrender of passport" "The bearer of a passport which is revoked shall surrender it to the Department or its authorized representative upon demand and upon his or her refusal to do so such passport may be invalidated by notifying the bearer in writing of the invalidation." No strong-arm tactics allowed by the Department. Unless the bearer of the passport voluntarily surrenders his or her passport to the Department the Department has no right to even touch the passport let alone to physically mutilate or destroy it. That's the law. And you had better believe that the Department and the Japanese immigration authorities know it very well. Furthermore, if the Japanese immigration authorities truly believed that Bobby had entered and left Japan with a revoked passport and they considered that to be a crime then under no circumstances could they mutilate or destroy the passport because the passport would be the key evidence of the "crime." And by the same token how could the Japanese immigration authorities turn over Bobby's "evidential" passport to the Tokyo U.S. embassy for destruction and mutilation? Anyway you slice it destroying Bobby's passport was completely illegal. By doing so both the Japanese and the U.S. government have committed a serious crime. Bobby is still appealing his arrest for allegedly illegally entering Japan on April 15, 2004. But even if he wins the appeal so what? His U.S. passport has already been destroyed by the Japanese and U.S. government working in collusion! This amounts to pre-judgement of Bobby's appeal. Finally both the Japanese and U.S. government by illegally and in collusion destroying Bobby's passport have violated in a most brazen way Bobby's constitutional rights. Because the U.S. constitution says that a person cannot be deprived of his property without due process of a law… Bobby has spent most of his time in Japan since January of 2000. He's made a few good friends and acquaintances here. He's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars visiting Japanese "Onsen" (mineral bath). He's spent over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars working with the Seiko corporation trying to further develop his high-tech dream chess clock. He's spent a small fortune on Japanese electronic products and other Japanese products. But all this is outweighed by one lying phone call and one lying fraudulent letter from the U.S. government. Irregardless of how this goes Bobby says "fuck you" to the corrupt and evil Japanese government and Sayonara to Japan. Even if he lives and ever gets out of jail again he will never return to Japan again until every U.S. military base in Japan is closed and Japan is a free and independent country again. In closing and in haste a few more words. Bobby swears that prior to his being detained in the Narita airport by Japanese immigration officials on about 5:30 p.m. on July 13, 2004 Bobby had never seen or heard a word or even a whisper from anyone at anytime anywhere to the effect that his U.S. passport No. Z7792702 was "revoked" "invalid" "expired" "cancelled" etc. Absolutely nothing ever, ever, ever. If anyone says otherwise they are a LIAR. Furthermore, Bobby swears that prior to his forced involuntary Narita immigration jailhouse meeting with the Tokyo U.S. embassy man "Peter" on July 14, 2004 Bobby had never seen or heard of and had no knowledge of any kind whatsoever at anytime in his entire life of this alleged letter to Bobby dated December 11, 2003 from the U.S. embassy in Manila, Philippines and signed by Theodore Allegra Consul of the United States of America. Bobby had no knowledge of it and never ever saw it or even heard about it prior to July 14, 2004. Never, ever, ever , ever, ever. If anyone says otherwise they are simply a LIAR. Now, here's something to think about if anyone is really interested in the truth of this matter. Bobby arrived in Switzerland (from Japan) in about the middle of October 2003. Bobby left Switzerland for Japan on December 16, 2003. (To be precise Bobby left Switzerland for Japan on Swiss Airlines flight LX 168 departing Zurich International airport on December 16, 2003 at 13:05 with a scheduled arrival time at Tokyo/Narita international airport on December 17, 2003 at 08:55. When Bobby arrived at Tokyo/Narita international airport on the morning of December 17, 2003 the Japanese immigration officer stamped his usual 90 days tourist visa in Bobby's newly spacious U.S. passport.) During all of this time Bobby never left Switzerland, not even for a second. When Bobby visited the Bern, Switzerland U.S. embassy he gave them in writing his swisscom mobile telephone sim card number in Switzerland. The Bern U.S. embassy called Bobby at that number several times. They had the number there's no question about that. Except for charging the phone's battery occasionally (and for whatever reason it charges very quickly in Switzerland) that same sim phone number was on and with a strong signal 24 hours a day! The infamous Allegra letter to "Bobby" (ha, ha, ha) was dated December 11, 2003. If the U.S. really wanted to let Bobby know that his passport was "revoked" why not just give Bobby a call on his swisscom sim card mobil phone and tell him all about it????? The U.S. is so full of shit it's not even funny. No wonder they're getting their asses kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan… Japan beware you're backing a loser. Don't go down the drain with the filthy Jew controlled U.S.… P.S. Here's a stunning example of what must be the absolutely enormous behind the scenes pressure the Jew-controlled U.S. government is placing on the press all over the world to lie about Bobby's illegal arrest at Narita International Airport on July 13, 2004. In an associated press story on page 3 in "The Japan Times" of July 29, 2004 entitled" CHESS MASTER PONDERS NEXT MOVE-Fischer's deportation appeal rejected." We read: "Fischer was apprehended two weeks ago after trying to board a flight at the Narita International Airport for allegedly traveling with a revoked U.S. passport." Heresy! How dare the press say only "for allegedly traveling with a revoked U.S. passport." My god are they doubting the word of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA??? We can just imagine the phone call the editor of "The Japan Times" must have received from the U.S. embassy on July 29, 2004. It probably went something like this: "Look you fucken little Jap-bastard you don't say about Fischer's passport that it was only 'allegedly revoked.' You got that? Are you doubting the word of the United States of America? Listen you pull another fucken stunt like that and not only are you no longer the editor of 'The Japan Times' but you'll never work as a journalist again. And not only that we may put your little ass in the slammer! Now I want to see a front page story in tomorrow's 'The Japan Times' where you unequivocally state that Fischer was traveling with a revoked U.S. passport. You fuck up again and you're history mother fucker!" The next day a front page story of "The Japan Times" "corrected" the previous day's "mistake" by lying! The front page of "The Japan Times" of July 30, 2004 ran an article entitled: "Supporters of Fischer seek asylum for chess legend in Germany" by Akemi Nakamura staff writer. In the article we read: " Fischer, 61, was detained on July 13 after trying to board a flight to the Philippines at Narita International Airport. He was traveling with a revoked U.S. passport."

Bobby Fischer Webpage Restored

Kidnapped and railroaded to his imprisonment torture and death in the Jew-controlled U.S.A.

Click here for Statement of facts.
Flash! July 15, 2004 Tokyo, Japan#1. A “Notice of Decision” No. 20210 to Fischer Robert James from the Ministry of Justice, Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, Narita Airport District Immigration Office, Immigration Inspector dated July 15, 2004. #2. A “Notice” No.96 to Robert James Fischer from the Narita Airport District Immigration Office, Immigration Inspector dated July 13, 2004. #3. A photo copy of a letter or purported letter from the Embassy of the United States of America, Manila, Philippines signed by Theodore Allegra Consul of the United States of America to Robert James Fischer dated December 11, 2003. Said purported letter also contains an “enclosure” ? something called “22 CFR Ch.1 (4-1-97 Edition) Department of State” pages 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, and (presumably) 257.

The World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer has been viciously attacked brutalized seriously injured and very nearly killed when he was illegally detained and arrested by the Japanese immigration authorities at Narita international airport in Tokyo Japan. Also the Japanese immigration authorities at Narita international airport have illegally detained Bobby Fischer at the Narita airport jailhouse.
Furthermore in collusion with the U.S. government the Japanese immigration authorities have confiscated and destroyed Bobby Fischer's U.S. passport. Bobby Fischer is still in jail at Narita airport in Tokyo Japan. Bobby Fischer does not wish to return to the Jew-controlled USA where he faces a kangaroo court and 10 years in Federal prison and a likely early demise or worse on trumped political charges. Nor does he wish to remain in a hostile brutal and corrupt U.S.-controlled Japan.
He urgently requests on immediate offer of political asylum from a friendly third country. Any country wishing to offer Bobby Fischer political asylum should do so immediately at the following address: Miyoko Watai Japan Chess Association, Nishikamata 8-2-1-220, Tokyo 144-0051, Japan Tel & Fax: 81-3-3735-3675 E-mail:
This is a matter of life and death for Bobby. Thank you!

Click here for two page e-mail dated December 2nd, 2004 at 2:50a.m. from Richard J. Vattuone, Esq. La Jolla, CA regarding Bobby's illegal imprisonment in Japan.

Click here for U.S. State Department exhibits 1-4 from Bobby's passport revocation appeal hearing held on October 15th, 2004 in the East Japan Immigration Detention Center in Ushiku, Ibaragi prefecture, Japan. Especially please study the first page of the three page exhibit marked "Dept. Exhibit 1." This document is surely one of the most important in the entire case. Notice that Bobby gave an address where the State Department could easily contact him. The address was valid in 1997, it was valid continuously since then and it is still valid today. It is; P. O. Box 50917, Pasadena, CA 91115 U.S.A.
Now click here for nine letters that were recently mailed to Bobby at this address! Why didn't the State Department notify Bobby at this mailing address about any alleged passport revocation???

Click here for Bobby Fischer's letter to the Hattori family dated August 12, 2004. The Seiko Company's failure to publicly help and support Bobby is particularly despicable and disgusting because they far better than most know the grave danger Bobby is being exposed to in Ushiku from the nearby leaking Tokaimura nuclear power plant. You see, Seiko invented the marvelous "Lumibrite" system of nighttime illumination of their wristwatches precisely because they wanted to avoid the health dangers of using radioactive tritium gas or paint on the dials of their wristwatches.
Bobby's respect for Seiko is fading away just like the effect of "Lumibrite" does after awhile in the darkness...

Flash! In 1972 Bobby put Iceland on the map. Now apparently Iceland won't lift a finger to save Bobby's life from the vicious U.S.-Japan murder plot against him. Click here for Bobby Fischer's letter to Ambassador Thordur Oskarsson, Icelandic Embassy in Tokyo, Japan asking for political asylum in Iceland, dated October 27, 2004.

Click here. Here is a photp copy of Mr.Richard J.Vattuone's letter to Mr.Edward J. McKeon dated October 15,2004.
Click here for the article entitled "Nuclear firms lack safety culture" from "The Daily Yomiuri" of October 2, 2004 and the article entitled "There was a Radiation Leak at JCO's Tokai plant" from the Japanese language newspaper "The Nihon Keizai Shinbun of October 17, 2004 and it's English language translation.

Click here for the letter of Miss. Noriko Watanabe dated October 28, 2004

Click here for THE FISCHER INDICTMENT by GM Larry Evans and Larry Parr.

Click here for the booklet entitled "I was tortured in the Pasadena Jailhouse!" by Bobby Fischer.

Click here for September 21, 2004 letter from Embassy of the United States of America signed by Mr. Edward J. McKeon to Bobby Fischer.

Click here. Here are photocopies of Bobby's letter to Mr. Colin Powell dated September 9, 2004. Appealing his passport "Revocation".

Click here. Here is a photo copy of Bobby's letter to Mr. Theodore Allegra dated September 6, 2004. Appealing his alleged passport "Revocation".

Click here for the article entitled "King's Gambit" from "TIME" of August 30, 2004

Click here for August 11, 2004 letter from the Tokyo U.S. Embassy signed by Mr. Edward J. McKeon Minister Counselor and Consul General to the Director General, Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice. Please note the absolutely huge flat-out lie that Mr. McKeon told to the (Japanese) Ministry of Justice that he was unable to properly advise Bobby of the (alleged) November 21, 2003 revocation of his passport until he was located in Japan on July 14, 2004. The undeniable fact of the matter is that the U.S. State Department had at least one perfectly valid mailing address to contact Bobby at all along: P. O. Box 50917, Pasadena, CA 91115 U.S.A. This is the address that Bobby gave on his January 24, 1997 U.S. passport application. The address is still valid even today!

Click here for June 8, 2004 letter from the Tokyo U.S. Embassy signed Mr. Edward J. McKeon Minister Counselor and Consul General to the Director General, Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice, Tokyo, Japan

Click here. Here are photocopies of new letter with side letter to Mr. Colin Powell, Secretary of State and Mr. "Peter", Consul of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo dated on August 18, 2004.
Click here. Here are photocopies of old letter to Mr. Colin Powell, Secretary of State and Mr. "Peter", Consul of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo dated on August 16, 2004.
Click here. Here is a complete photo copy of Bobby's destroyed original U.S. passport #Z7792702.

Click here. Here is a complete photo copy of Bobby's original U.S. passport #Z7792702.

Click here. Bobby's renunciation of his U.S. citizenship on August 6, 2004. 3 page letter

Click here. Bobby's renunciation of his U.S. citizenship on August 10, 2004. 4 page letter


Click here

Official government and private organizations to contact

International Committee of the Red Cross

Minister of Justice Japan
Email: Tel: +81-3-3580-4111

Japan Minister of Foreign Affairs
Email: Tel: +81-3-3580-3311

Narita Airport Customs
Tel: +81-120-461961

Prime Minister of Japan

United States Congress:

United States Senate:

President George W. Bush

Vice President Richard Cheney

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell

Attorney General John Ashcroft

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SOME BOBBY FISCHER related Documents
We have some documents here which you really should view. You need Acrobat Reader for this. If you don't have it, go to and look for the link (we think it is somewhere at the bottom left side, yellow button) which says "get acrobat reader here". It is completely free.

First of all, you might like to see a picture of Bob Ellsworth. Click here.
Here are photocopies of the checks sent to Ellsworth to pay for Bobby's bills in the states.
And photocopies of the registry notice evidencing that the checks were sent.

Global Commentary
For Mr. Bob Ellsworth "shame" is just a word in the dictionary

It's business as usual for the Jewish liar, embezzler and thief Bob Ellsworth. For this hardened, heartless Jewish criminal robbing all of Bobby Fischer's belongings in storage was a"piece of cake." Like taking candy from a baby. Hardly worth losing any sleep over. As a Jew he is convinced of the superiority of his"race" and even more importantly he knows that the fix is on and that the police won't touch him!

As you may recall in about late 1998 or early 1999 the U.S.government, Bob Ellsworth and Bekins Moving and Storage company(Pasadena, California branch) plundered all of Bobby Fischer's cash valuables and other belongings (including his gold and silver coin collections) which Mr. Fischer had kept in storage at the Pasadena, California branch of Bekins Moving and Storage company for many years.

However, it should be pointed out that Bob Ellsworth was a very wealthy man even before he entered into the above mentioned conspiracy to rob all of Fischer's belongings at Bekins!

For example, for well over 15 years now Bob Ellsworth(Robert D. Ellsworth) and another dirty Jew by the name of Bob Kuhn(Robert L. Kuhn) are the partners and co-owners of the Professional Cassette Center, 408 S. Pasadena Ave, Suite 4, Pasadena, CA 91105 U.S.A. Telephone(1)626-799-9000 Click here for 2 photocopied pages of an old Bobby Fischer address book.

Now, believing that"the coast is clear" and that the mega-robbery of all of Fischer's belongings in Bekins is a "fait accompli" and anxious to maximize his profits Ellsworth has resumed a campaign of massive mass advertizing of his cassette language tapes. Click here for a photo copy of the full page color advertizement by The Rosetta Stone Language Library as it appeared in Time mag.(U.S.edition) of March 25, 2002. A quick visit to The Rosetta Stone Language Library's web site: reveals that The Rosetta Stone Language Library and the Professional Cassette Center are-you guessed it-one and the same! Click here for"Welcome to!" pages 1 and 2. As the great comedian Jackie Gleason used to say"How sweeeet it is!" Yes indeed it's good to be a Jew in the Jew-controlled United States of America. Just ask the dirty Jew Bob Ellsworth.

The criminal Jew Bob Ellsworth is continuing to advertize his website 101 in Time mag. Click here for page 9 of Time mag. May 5, 2003 (U.S. edition). Click here for page 10 of Time mag. May 12, 2003 (U. S. edition).

Another scam Ellsworth and Kuhn are involved in is"The Original Bible Project." Click here for pages 1-3 of the article"Why Another Translation?-The Original Bible Project" on the website: How many people who are asked to donate money to this project have the slightest idea that Ellsworth and Kuhn are wealthy S.O.B.s raking in the money with a very large and extremely lucrative cassette language tape business at the same brick and mortar mailing address which is 408 S. Pasadena Avenue Suite 1, Pasadena, California 91105?

Bobby's letter to the Bekins Moving and Storage Co. (added 10 March 1999)

Click here for the article entitled "Iraqis claim U.S. troops stealing cash, valuables in raids" from "The Japan Times" of May 27, 2004. Sounds disgustingly familiar, doesn't it?

Click here for 33 pages of correspondence between Bobby Fischer and Morgan and Brother Manhattan Storage Company, Inc.

Global Commentary
See how in order to blacken their enemies the Jews use the same cheap, tired journalistic tricks over and over again...
Click here for 3 pages including page 70 from the Jew-controlled "American Chess Journal" number 1, 1992.

And click here for page 42 from the Jew−controlled "Time" mag. of March 31, 2003.

Please note the similarity in the language these two Jew-rags use. "American Chess Journal" with incredible mendacity writes about Bobby Fischer that: "(At Sveti Stefan, he required the organizers to raise the height of all the toilets in the hotel one inch. The psychologists would have a field day with that one.)" "Time" mag. one of the cheerleaders for the completely unjustifiable and criminal U. S. led war against Iraq wrote: "Freud would have had a field day with Saddam's tortured relationships with his family, including, Post says, a suicidal mother who tried to abort him." Jesus, the Jews are such garbage. Hey Jews, have a "field day" with that remark!
Still no reply from the Budapest police dept.

Click here for Bobby's 12 page letter to the chief of police of the Budapest police dept. dated January 16, 2003.

Click here for Bobby's 2 page letter to the chief of police of the Budapest police dept. dated March 30, 2003.
Apparently the unseen hand of the filthy Jew-controlled U. S. government is at work again. So far as we can tell (since the report from the Budapest police dept. is untranslated) the thief Mr. Janos Rigo is still at large and is not being prosecuted by the Budapest police dept...
Click here for 5 pages from or on behalf of the Budapest police dept.regarding this crime.
Federal Indictment of Bobby Fischer
Warrant for Bobby's arrest
Copy of order from Treasury Department that he not play his 1992 World Championship match.
Global Commentary
We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Takashi Okamoto

The filthy Jew-controlled U.S. government has succeeded in getting the Japanese government to arrest Mr. Takashi Okamoto. The U. S. government wants him extradited to the U.S. on trumped-up charges of theft of intellectual property rights, theft of property and economic espionage, etc. But as everyone knows (or at least should know) the U.S. government itself is the biggest thief of intellectual property rights, the biggest thief of property and natural resources and is the biggest spy in the history of the world!!! If the Japanese government accedes to the outrageous demand to extradite Mr. Okamoto to the U.S. they are just disgracing themselves! (So what else is new?) Before even considering the U.S. demand to extradite Mr. Okamoto to the U.S. the Japanese government should demand that the U. S. government pay hundreds of billions of dollars or even trillions of dollars in war reparations for the war crimes of dropping atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945. After the U.S. accedes to these just demands then and only then should the Japanese government seriously consider the U.S.'s charges against Mr. Okamoto. We hereby put Mr. Okamoto and Mr. Okamoto's attorneys on notice that Mr. Bobby Fischer is currently in Japan and on request is available to testify on Mr. Okamoto's behalf in this matter. Click here for the article "U.S.-accused industrial spy nabbed as Japan studies extradition request" from "The Japan Times" of February 3, 2004. And click here for the article "U. S. seen out to nail Okamoto" subtitled "Spy case shows Japan lagging in intellectual property rights" by Wataru Kurihara and Tatsuo Nakajima from "The Daily Yomiuri" of February 4, 2004. It's time for the Japanese government to stand up to the U. S. government and tell them in no uncertain terms to "fuck off!" Flash! Finally, Japan tells the U.S. where to get off! Click here for the article "Court Rejects U.S. request for extradition in industrial spy case "From The Japan Times of March 30, 2004.

Global Commentary

It's high time for all civilized countries all over the world to break diplomatic relations with the U.S.

The brutal, unprovoked U.S. led invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq is nothing but naked aggression and all civilized countries all over the world should immediately and completely and permanently break all diplomatic relations with the U.S.A. to punish her! Furthermore, the horrifying, barbaric use of hundreds (or is it thousands?) of tons of deadly depleted uranium against Iraq by both the United States and England surely constitutes the biggest war crime since Hiroshima and Nagasaki if not in fact (with all due respect to the terrible sufferings of the noble Japanese people) the biggest war crime in the history of the world!!! U.S. President George W. Bush is a killer. He's a thug. He needs to be brought to trial. Anyway, what is a U.S. embassy really? It's just an (often huge) CIA base inside your own country daily and nightly undermining your own sovereignty... A country needs a U.S. embassy like it needs a hole in the head!

Now, we have a few more interesting items to show you.
Here is a letter of Bobby addressed to the editors of Encyclopaedia Judaica asking for his name to be deleted from it.
And here is their reply
Take a look at the rules for Fischerandom Chess (added 10 March 1999)

Even the stinking Jew-controlled British magazine "Chess" admits that Fischerandom chess is catching on! Click here for page 51 of "Chess" May 2004 issue.
(added September 29, 1999) CLICK HERE TO SEE PDF FILE. According to GM Eugene Torre, the first fourteen (14) pages regarding the United States Chess Federation, the American Chess Foundation and the US and world chess scene were prepared and distributed by mail by Bobby Fischer's mother, Regina Fischer, in about the year 1960. The next six (6) pages (unnumbered pages 4 and 5 - the table of contents and numbered pages 6,7,8 and 9) are from the American Chess Foundation affiliated magazine, American Chess Journal, issue Number 2 printed in September 1993.
(added November 30, 1999) First we have some documents about the American Chess Foundation, including a draft of a letter-agreement which they asked Bobby and Regina Fischer to sign, followed by some financial statements. Click here to see pdf file. Another document is a news item about the hunger strike mounted by Regina Fischer. Click here.
(added January 20, 2000) Here is a picture of Regina Fischer plus an article she wrote for a nurses' journal.Click here to see pdf file.
(added May 21, 2001) Some documents which demonstrate the Bekins - Rothschilds connection. Click here to see pdf file.

Bobby Fischer Live Radio Interviews
21st ManilaPhilippinesJune92003 43:0520:1019:523:03
24rd ManilaPhilippinesAug20200461:3120:0019:5821:33
25th BaguioPhilippinesAug24200425:1519:565:19
27th BaguioPhilippinesOct2200425:1219:593:00
SOME BOBBY FISCHER related Documents

(added March 1, 2001)They are from Philippine Daily Inquirer Newspaper,
printed in September 2000. Click here.
list1 list2 list3

(added May 10, 2001)
Article from The Sunday magazine of the Philippine STAR/April 22,2001

"Chess is mental masturbation"--Abe Turner

Could it be that the Jews are secretly (dare we say “sinfully”) listening to every word of Bobby Fischer’s live radio interviews?  You better believe it!  Click here for the cover and page 6 of “New in Chess” 2003 Nr.1. (Hint: go to about 1 hour 47 minutes and 26 seconds into live radio interview #18.)

A British reader/listener of this web site Mr. Paul Heaton was kind
enough to fax us these two recent newspaper articles.

More Jewish crimes against Bobby Fischer.
The following 22 pages of documents are self-explanatory except to add that both the nefarious Mr. Jeff Levinsky and his protege Mr. Nicky Targ (Nicholas W. Targ) are circumsized
Jews and proud of it.

Global Commentary
Cancelling China's "partner" status and changing it to "competitor" status was a
key move in a sinister plot

The recent scandal regarding the reportedly bugged Chinese presidential jet (27 bugs and still counting) shows how the U.S. government and the big U.S. corporations collude to fuck and/or plunder their enemies. Just like the U.S. government and Bekins colluded to rob all of Bobby Fischer's cash, valuables and other belongings at Bekins. The fact that Fischer was Bekins best customer or that China spent some $130 million on the Boeing 767 jet doesn't mean a thing.

Now we can all better understand the diabolical reason why the Jew's puppet George W. Bush was instructed to frequently call China "a strategic competitor" rather than "a strategic partner." Just in case China discovered the bugs the U.S. was already very carefully preparing its alibi which now goes something like this: "Oh, well, shucks we said China is our competitor. It's not like they're our partners you know. We'd never do something like this to our partners. Hey, if the situation were reversed China would probably do the same thing to us. We're competitors, baby. Don't forget that. Now go on, mind your own business if you know what's good for you. Either you're with us or you're against us in the fight against terrorism!"
The U.S. really stinks. It's rotten to the core.

The following article published as it is in the Jew-owned very "Establishment" newspaper "The International Herald Tribune" amounts to a tacit admission by the Jew-controlled U.S.government that they did in fact bug Jiang Zemin's presidential jet. Click here for a photo copy of the article"Bugs that U.S.-Chinese Relations Didn't Need" by Jim Hoagland from"The International Herald Tribune" of January 28, 2002.

More proof of U.S.guilt. Click here for photo copies of the articles "Follow-up on jet bugging" and "Double agent suspected of revealing bugs on China jet" by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau both from "The International Herald Tribune" of  April 16, 2003.

Global Commentary

From: are more honest than Americans!

Click here for the article “Scientist's conscience prevents him from toeing institute line” by Hiroshi  Matsubara (staff writer) published in “The Japan Times” on April 28, 2002. What are the chances that a “whistle-blower” at Bekins will spill the beans about the blatantly obvious criminal conspiracy between Bekins, the U.S. government, Bob Ellsworth et al. to in about late 1998 or early 1999 illegally, unlawfully and unconstitutionally rob and plunder all of Bobby Fischer's cash, valuables and other belongings at Bekins (the Pasadena, California branch)?  Absofuckinglutely nil!

#1 Bobby Fischer's
"Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess" contract dated October 21, 1965.(13 pages)
list_1 list_2

#2 Bobby Fischer's
"My 60 Memorable Games" contract dated February 20, 1968.(20 pages)
list_1 list_2 list_3

Global Commentary

"Hello Americans this is Paul Harvey and I'm paid $30 million a year by the fucken Jews to belch out pro-American crap. Standby for bullshit!" 

Paul Harvey news and comments August 30, 2002, 12:07 pm on 50,000 watts AFN (Armed Forces Network) "Eagle 810," 810 on the AM band in Tokyo, Japan.

"And now page 2. Big Bear Mountain is near Los Angeles, California. It includes a refuge for wild animals-bears, cougars, wolves. Any sick or injured animal. Early last September-early last September, not far from the refuge a wild eagle in flight suddenly screamed. It was a terrible scream that rent the sky over the Bear Mountain. A scream of pain and indignation and anger and hurt. Terrible, searing, scalding hurt. Some misguided somebody in the woodland, hiking or plinking or hunting or whatever had raised his weapon and squeezed the trigger and sent a bullet crashing into the great wing of that majestic bird. Not many people have ever heard an eagle cry. But the Saunter family driving from Sherman Oaks toward Bear Mountain's refuge they heard, they saw the grievously wounded bird gallantly struggle with a herculean effort to lift the wounded wing. To hold enough wind under the crippled wing to glide it to the trees and tumble on to the ground. The wounded bird promptly delivered to the wildlife refuge received prompt care and repair and somewhere today is soaring in the sunshine. Brenda Saunter is descended from President Franklin Pierce. Her family has been involved in civic and humanitarian affairs through every generation since 1667. She stayed late at the refuge until the gallant eagle was out of danger. Now the experience I've related occurred last September 10-10. The next day Miss Saunter awakened in her home in Sherman Oaks to the news of what had happened to the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. She was dumbstruck. And then somewhere in the recesses of her brain an eagle screamed. It screamed and it screamed and it screamed from the hurt and from the anger and from the frustration and from the indignation. And then- then she remembered the day before. And she remembered the eagle and the courage and the determination of that gallant creature. And then and since she has sought and found faith and confidence in this living symbol of America. America which invincible survives plagues and wars and floods and winds and fires and droughts and depressions and assassins."

Our comment:
Paul Harvey you stinking Zionist phoney how dare you liken the filthy, rotten, despicable U.S. to a gallant wild eagle? The U.S. should change its national symbol from the majestic bald eagle to a filthy, stinking, fat city rat! And AFN radio station "Eagle 810" should change its name to "Rat 810." Yeah, "Rat 810." Sounds good doesn't it? We like it, we like it! And now you know the rest of the story...

Paul Harvey news and comments February 5, 2004, 12:09 pm on 50,000 watts AFN (Armed Forces Network) "Eagle 810," 810 on the AM band in Tokyo, Japan.

"San Diego, California has it all. Desert weather, on the seashore, breathtaking views of mountains and ocean and a new baseball park and rats! 'The San Diego Union-Tribune' reports rats are eating cars in San Diego. Through wheel-wells they get into the engine area for nesting and they knaw on anything under the hood. They'll eat hoses. Last year's fires brought 'em down from the cedar forests to eat Toyotas and Chevies and parked RVs."

Our comment:
Hey, wouldn't that be a just and fitting end to the stinking U.S.A. if the rat population there multiplied out of control and the whole goddamned country was eaten up by rats? Yeah, and the sooner the better. Good day!

Global Commentary
“American Chess Journal” and “The Atlantic Monthly” are both full of shit

An article entitled “Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame” by Rene Chun appeared in the December, 2002 issue of“The Atlantic Monthly.” Click here for 3 pages from “The Atlantic Monthly” December, 2002 issue regarding this article. In this article (page96) Rene Chun writes: ”The old Bobby Fischer was back, and more bizarre than ever. This was made eminently clear when Fischer informed tournament officials that he wanted the toilet in his bathroom to rise higher in the air than anyone else's.”Where in the world did Rene Chun dig up this lying bullshit? A little research reveals the answer. Let's go back in time 10 years to the publication of the infamous magazine “American Chess Journal”which was put out by the corrupt, thieving, Jewish “charitable organization” called the American Chess Foundation (ACF). (Nowadays the ACF goes by the monicker ”Chess in School” and they rip-off the gullible, naive public for donations with the clever slogan ”Push pawns not drugs!”)
Anyway, getting back to this filthy, shitty magazine “American Chess Journal.” In the premiere issue of ”American Chess Journal” published in December, 1992 in an article entitled “Finding Bobby Fischer” by Timothy Hanke (page 70) we read the following colossal lie: “(At Sveti Stefan, he required the organizers to raise the height of all the toilets in the hotel one inch. The psychologists would have a field day with that one.) ” Click here for 5 pages from the premiere issue of “American Chess Journal” published in December, 1992 regarding this article.
Clearly, Chun simply modified Hanke's lie and ran with it. Curiously enough the Chun version of the alleged “Sveti Stefan Fischer toilet bowl story” tends to completely contradict the Hanke version of the alleged “Sveti Stefan Fischer toilet bowl story” from which it was so obviously derived! But surely that is no “big deal” to the likes of Chun who knows full well that both versions of the alleged “Sveti Stefan Fischer toilet bowl story” are complete fabrications.Rene Chun is typical of the kind of dregs of humanity that Bobby Fischer is up against. If Chun's morals are so low as to spread this kind of malicious outrageous lie then how many other lies and deceits do you think he/she has told in his/her article? Dozens? Hundreds?
Malcolm X put it like this: “Why, this is insane, but it shows how they can do it. With skilful manipulating of the press they're able to make the victim look like the criminal and the criminal look like the victim.” From the book ”Malcolm X Speaks” page 165.
Inadvertently, Chun's story ends on a humorous note. The final sentence of the 16 page article is: “Once one of the most famous men in the world, Fischer is now nothing more than a ghost--a shrill, disembodied voice heard only in faraway countries."  The second longest article in the December, 2002 issue of  “The Atlantic Monthly” is a 9 page spread on JFK...
There can be absolutely no doubt that ”The Atlantic Monthly” is a Jew-controlled publication and that the Jews are behind the hatchet job article “Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame” by Rene Chun. But apparently not everyone is fooled. For example the other day we received the following e-mail: ”message = After I have read an article about Bobby Fischer in the Atlantic, it is now absolutely obvious to me that Bobby Fischers version of what happened with his stuff at the bekins storage company is the correct one. It IS a shame” So, perhaps when it comes to lying to and deceiving the public the Jews are finally losing some of their vaunted “magic touch.” Regrettably,the vast majority of the readers of “The Atlantic Monthly” are probably quite unaware of this website where they can get the proverbial “other side of the story” and of course Rene Chun did nothing to enlighten them in this regard. But in any event let's all keep in mind Chairman Mao Tsetung's brilliant dissertation “To Be Attacked by the Enemy is Not a Bad Thing but a Good Thing” from page 15 of “Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung” (also known as “Mao's Little Red Book”): “I hold that it is bad as far as we are concerned if a person, a political party, an army or a school is not attacked by the enemy. For in that case it would definitely mean that we have sunk to the level of the enemy.
“It is good if we are attacked by the enemy since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves. It is still better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints us as utterly black and without a single virtue; it demonstrates that we have not only drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but achieved a great deal in our work."
And although they may be nought but a ”tissue of lies” don't throw away your copies of “American Chess Journal” and “The Atlantic Monthly.” They might come in handy in case you run out of toilet paper! Flash! A reader of this website informs us (actually reminds us) that "The Atlantic Monthly" magazine is owned by the circumsized Canadian-American billionaire "philanthropist" Jew fuck Mortimer Benjamin Zuckerman. We've got to hand it to our readers. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! So much for those who say that the Jewish conspiracy is just the fantasy of anti-semitic lunatics. Clipped prick Jew fuck M.B.Zuckerman you've got shit up your fucken ass! And now you know the other side of the story...

The so-called "Holocaust" of the Jews during World War�U is a complete hoax! It never happened. The Jews are liars.

Click here, for the article "Gibson's father says Holocaust was mostly fiction" from "The Japan Times" of February 21, 2004.
Click here for Jewish jokes.U. S. “wanted” Bobby has a suggestion for U.S. “wanted” Osama...

Bobby Fischer and Romy Kintanar discuss crime and punishment. Click here for a 1 page transcript from live radio interview #5.

Bobby on the White House 

Bobby Fischer and Eugene Torre discuss the U.S. war against Yugoslavia.  Click here for a 1 page transcript from live radio interview#7.

Fischer on Evans

Bobby Fischer and Eugene Torre discuss Larry Evans. Click here for a 2 page transcript from live radio interview #11.
Fischer on Timothy McVeigh

Bobby Fischer, Pablo Mercado and Mr. Melchor discuss Timothy McVeigh.  Click here for a 3 page transcript from live radio interview #17.

The cat is out of the bag! U.S. secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld is a fucken Jew. Click here for the article "Biased assumptions pushing U.S. to war" by William Pfaff from the "Japan Times" of February 6, 2003.
Flash!  The Jewish World Government is upset!  They realize they made a bad mistake by revealing that Rumsfeld is a Jew and now the cover-up is in full swing.  Click here for the article “Is war with Iraq good for Israel?” by Gideon Samet from“The International Herald Tribune” of March 15-16,2003.

Click here for 4 pages including page 272 from the book "Parting with Illusions" by Vladimir Pozner. Thanks Vlad.

Many people have asked Bobby where they can buy the book "The Secret World Government" by Maj.-Gen., Count Cherep-Spiridovich. We suggest that you try the following bookstore: Omni Publications/Christian Book Club of America P.O.Box 900566 Palmdale, California 93590-0566 U.S.A. Phone/Fax (1)(661)-274-2240 e-mail:

Are you WEAK enough to play Garry?  Click here for a two page faxed letter dated Friday 20 March 1998 from Masters International and signed by Owen Williams.
You may send email directly to Bobby Fischer