Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bowie: the Cross Dressing, Race Mixing Fascist?

When he wasn't shagging Mick Jagger or a China girl, Bowie was a not so closeted fascist, who thought a good nationalist leader, who approved of cross dressing and race mixing, would be great for getting stuff done.

Bowie apparently also studied kabbalah, was obsessed with the Vril mythology of a "new master race", while also appreciating a good Nazi salute. It is important to realize that Bowie's idea of fascism was the "Hitler was an occultist" variety.

Basically, I think it's sad that Bowie's shadow has been cast upon fascism at all, as his career would have been mercilessly ended should a true leader have arisen in Britain. No doubt, he would have been put in a work camp and forced to lift weights and date nordic women, or deported to America where he couldn't have done much harm since America so rapidly took up corrupted ways during the Vietnam / Hippy psyop laid on us by the cultural marxist Juden.

Interestingly or not, Bowie once played a vampire in a goofy movie called The Hunger. I think it was, like They Live, a documentary.

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