Friday, January 15, 2016

Is Pure Jew Hell About to Descend on Us?

One must wonder, with the acceleration of non-White immigration, and rampant rape and terrorism, along with crackdowns on the rights of Whites in White countries, just what might be next?

Many have predicted a financial calamity and/or another world war will follow these insane policies.

Retail stores appear to be in trouble, unemployment is very high, debt is just ludicrous, and Russia and Nato appear a hat drop away from going at it.

Is a turnaround still possible, or is the Fall of Babylon right around the corner?

Some actually look forward to a societal collapse, while others believe Trump and/or Putin will save us from Jewaggedon.

Still others think a Fall is inevitable, and some kind of Holy Fire will set things right. However, just what form this Holy Fire will take is up for speculation. Trump and/or Putin could even be part of the Holy Fire. Or it could be a literal Holy Fire that comes down from the sky and blasts mud people and Jews into little smoky bits. Or it could be a general White uprising that goes live, maybe starting in the USA and involving all the guns that Obama helped sell.

Either way, a massive clean up operation of an astounding scale would be requisite to get White civilization back on track, and it appears that going in that direction would have to be sooner than later before the All Hope is Lost line is crossed.

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