Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trump Prepares to Deport Nikki Haley, Calls on Germans to Hang Merkel

As Merkel's insane government cracks down on anti-rape protests, Obama gave a speech telling us America is great because we let in lots of rapists.

Ann Coulter, helpfully, suggested deporting Nikki Haley, the Sikh fake-white bitch who helped initiate a banning of the Confederate flag in South Carolina and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, Obama and his secret Jew masters might push us into WWIII before we can restore patriarchy. However, let's remain optimistic. Perhaps Obama's AIDS or crack addiction will catch up with him before he gets himself in as head of the United Nations as he plans.

Most likely, Obama's creation was symbolically represented in the movie Rosemary's Baby. The evil Jews, children of the devil, got together and were like "Hey, let's make the Anti-Christ already." Except, in real life, the devil side was the Jew mom, and not the demon lover as in the movie. Then John Lennon was killed as a sacrifice to seal the deal.

Yes, this is what happened. Can't be anything else.

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