Monday, January 18, 2016

Go After Strange Flesh, Make My Day

Race mixing in the United States is not just a coincidence. It was something that only occurred in the closet and rarely for the longest time, and mostly due to the slave negroes transported to the continent by the Jews (much greater numbers were brought to Latin America).

This "strange flesh" was freed from its usefulness and delivered into a condition of segregation which was necessary to protect the White population from the emotional, violent, and rapey outpouring of the African horde.

The Jew went to work on eliminating the barriers between the races, using their control over publishing, Broadway, and Hollywood to plant seeds of doubt in the wisdom of keeping the races separate from each other. A play called The Melting Pot was released, and books by negroes were promoted, notably ones by negroes who were race mixed and could pass for White, which bemoaned the injustice of a society which interfered with their love interests who were always pure White females.

Eventually, such was the sense of injustice on the part of the Jews creating the sense of injustice, that the terrible Swedish Jew, Eisenhower, forced black and White kids together at gunpoint. This was followed up after JFK was gotten out of the way with an ending of all forms of segregation, and a taxing of the Whites to help blacks have as many useless children as possible. All of this was spearheaded by a negro agent, so-called Martin Luther King Jr., who was martyred and who had a holiday named after him.

Since then, America has been in a state of black communism, although many did not realize what had happened due to the gradualness of some parts of the process, the distractions of the Vietnam war and the cold war and materialism, and because the news was controlled by Jews.

The process continues. Even the presence of White cops is becoming intolerable, and soon all cops will be foreigners who want your guns.

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